'Narco-coolers' in Nuevo León, result of the struggle between the Northeastern Cartel and the Gulf Cartel


Violence in Nuevo Leon was renewed due to the struggle to control the plaza between opposing groups of organized crime, and again human remains were found in coolers in the vicinity of the Nuevo León prison.

Photo: Taken from Internet
Photo: Taken from Internet

On this occasion, the shipment was extended to the building that houses the Ministerial Police to which, through a written message, a criminal group warns them that if they do not line up, they will continue to die when they are free.

The Secretary of Public Security, Aldo Fasci, acknowledges that it is about clashes between groups of the Gulf Cartel and the so-called Northeast Cartel.

For Esteban Cantú, director of the State Investigation Agency, the messages are an attempt to intimidate the work of the corporations.

"There is an intimidating message to state corporations such as the Ministerial Police, the State Agency of Investigations and Civil Force, is the result of the work we have done, the arrests is not the first time they try to threaten or intimidate corporations."

In as much the Secretary of Public Security, Aldo Fasci, explained that as much the authors of the crime as the victim would be related to groups of the organized delinquency.

"Of course all this is related and unfortunately not only the executors are organized crime, but the victims are also 80 percent related to the issue."

"It's to get attention, it's not a note, but if you leave it (the remains) there (next to criminal facilities) then we all fall and make it known." They leave it in a place that calls attention to make it news If they leave it on a mountain, it is no longer news. "

"Civil Force is attacking and combating organized crime in all parts of the State, which is why it is involved in this type of message," said the Secretary-General of the Government, Manuel González Flores, who came out in defense of the Force police. Civil.

In coolers, fragments of human remains were left in coolers in the vicinity of the El Topo Chico penitentiaries in Monterrey and Apodaca, to the north in the outskirts of the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey, as well as the building of the Ministerial Police.

The human remains found in those three points would correspond to a single body, of which identity is investigated.

According to Esteban Cantú, director of the State Agency of Investigations (AEI), the lines suggest that there are several bodies, but only one person, which would have links with criminal activities.

"We are confirming at least two places that are coolers with human remains and messages alluding to a group of organized crime, we believe that it can be a single body that is dismembered in coolers at different points," he explained.

The last days of last November were also left human remains in black bags around the prisons of El Topo Chico, Apodaca and Cadereyta. Days ago, in the locality of China, about 100 kilometers to the east, were also reported human remains left on public roads.

As for the remains in the three prisons in November, these were from a member of an organized crime group who died in a confrontation and whose body was stolen from a funeral home to be distributed in bags in Nuevo León.

While that happens, the Secretary of Security discards that it is a challenge for the authorities, and attributed the issue to a dispute between criminals, as have been the other cases.