Tourist couple arrested for dancing naked in Mazatlan

After being caught dancing nude in Mazatlan's Golden Zone on board the public transportation service called "pulmonias", a couple of tourists were detained and sent to the police station, and the driver of the unit was fined for allowing the spectacle to take place.

Tourist couple arrested for dancing naked in Mazatlan
Open air "pulmonia" taxi in Mazatlan. From Wikimedia Commons

The tourist couple who were caught dancing nude in Mazatlán's Golden Zone aboard the public transportation taxi service, called "pulmonias", were detained and sent to the police station and the driver of the unit was fined for allowing the spectacle.

Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, municipal president of the port, jokingly commented that he was shown some videos of people who "were very hot", who were detained and sent to the police station for disturbing the peace and not complying with sanitary regulations since they were not even wearing mouth covers.

Regarding the driver of "pulmonia" (taxi), he indicated that he was fined and a video was sent to the state authorities with the license plate number of the unit so that they could proceed to cancel the driver's license to send a message of order.

Benítez Torres exposed that this is not the first case that is staged in the port, despite the sanctions that have been imposed, so he considers that the only way to stop these acts of the exhibition is to cancel the driver's licenses of the operators, in this way the rest will prevent their passengers from behaving in an inappropriate manner.

The mayor of Mazatlán admitted that it is very difficult for the Municipal Police to be able to quickly detect this type of exhibition of nudity, which are known by the videos that citizens themselves send to the authorities, which allows them to act as quickly as possible.

Last April, a young woman about 23 years of age was caught jogging through the Golden Zone of Mazatlán stripping off her clothes as she advanced before the eyes of hundreds of motorists, who were surprised to see her stripping off all her clothes until she was caught by another woman who covered her up.

Regarding the new provisions of requiring the Covid-19 vaccination card in businesses and public spaces, he commented that the members of the National Association of Shopping Malls are not complying with this norm, for which they have been notified that they will be sanctioned if they continue with this posture.

In relation to the recent soccer game held last weekend at the Kraken stadium, in which 70 people were arrested for disorderly conduct, he indicated that all of them, originally from the city of Monterrey, were sent to the police station. He clarified that they will not tolerate any disorder or acts that put the health of those attending these types of sporting events at risk, where strict sanitary protocols are maintained.