Musical Cats in Cancun this March 26, 2019

Cats in Cancun, the award-winning musical produced by Gerardo Quiroz returns to Cancun on March 26, with two performances at 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.

The price of the tickets for the presentation of the work Cats in El Teatro de Cancún ranges from 660.00 pesos in general area to 1,700.00 pesos in VIP Zone a few steps from the stage and you can buy them in and at sales points.

Being one of the stagings with more performances around the world, 'Cats' will be presented in Cancun with the performances of Rocío Banquells, accompanied by a cast of a great career. Its plot revolves around the tribe of Jelic cats during the night they take "the helical election" and decide which of them will be reborn in a new existence.

Among its famous songs is the song "Memory", which has become a standard and has been covered by multiple artists. The lyrics of the songs are taken directly from the original verses, with exceptions such as the theme "Memory" that was written by Trevor Nunn from another poem by Eliot entitled "Rhapsody on a Windy Night", or "The Moments of Happiness" , extracted from the book Four Quartets, also by Eliot. Cats is a musical of two acts, with an overture that includes a flight and passages in which the music accompanies recited verses.

The show is completely narrated through music, without practical dialogues between the songs. Dance is also a key element, especially in the ten-minute "The Jellicle Ball" dance sequence. The set consists of a gigantic trash can that is present throughout the work.

The eclecticism of Lloyd Webber can be seen very well in this title, which covers musical genres ranging from classical to pop, through music hall, jazz, rock and electroacoustic music, as well as hymns such as "The Ad-Pressing of Cats ".

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