Municipal police executed by gunmen while eating tamales


Organized crime that operates with impunity shot two uniformed municipal police officers in the head when they ate tamales at a street stall. The assassins seized the weapons of the police and fled.

Municipal police executed by gunmen while eating tamales
Municipal police executed by gunmen while eating tamales

The criminals descended from a Versa-type vehicle and after approaching the police, they took out firearms, pointed at their heads and shot them.

The firearm projectiles were embedded in the faces of uniformed Municipal Police belonging to the Single Command, so they had an instant death.

According to the first investigations of the General Prosecutor's Office of the State of Mexico, as night fell on Monday, the municipal police, Oscar Fonseca Zárate and Sergio Escalante Zamora, patrolled on board the UMT-623 unit.

Both stopped on the Pino Suarez Avenue, sector 19 Manzana 50, Lot 10, in front of the house 4 to eat some tamales and atole in a post that is installed at night in the street in that place.

In the moments in which these two municipal policemen ingested the tamales, they observed that several subjects arrived aboard a vehicle type Versa and also stopped their march.

Three individuals descended from that car, which approached the post and, because the police thought they were also going to buy tamales, they did not try to do anything; however, in a neglect of the uniformed, the individuals took out firearms and shot them in the head, since both were wearing bulletproof vests.

After that, the assassins, approached the police and stripped them of their weapons of charge, to finally run to the Versa car where another individual was waiting at the wheel and escaped at full speed.

Some witnesses immediately informed the personnel of the relief corps and the police. The paramedics of the Red Cross could not do anything, because when they checked the bodies, they only certified his death.

At the same time, municipal police, the Secretariat of Security of the State of Mexico and agents of Investigation implemented an operation in a wide area; however, they failed to locate the murderers, so the investigations continue, in an attempt to be located, detained and imprisoned.

Because of the way in which these two municipal police officers were killed, those in charge of the investigations presume that those responsible are part of the organized crime that operates in this municipality; however, it will be the advances of the investigations that determine the real reasons for which they were executed.

The scene of this double crime was cordoned off by the police, while experts in criminology, ballistics, photography and forensic medicine were given the task of conducting the ocular inspection, and then, transferring the bodies to the Institute of Forensic Sciences of the State of Mexico.