Monopolization of beaches in Tulum leaves only 10 access windows to the sea


The micro-entrepreneur of handicrafts in Tulum, Felipe Morales said that the announcement made by the Undersecretary of Planning and Tourism Policy, Simón Levy on opening and above all for making public beaches is very far from reality, as the large hotel consortiums are the first that prevent the entry of bathers to these sites. He said that many projects and announcements made by previous governments have not been finalized and unfortunately he doubts that the announcement made by the Undersecretary of Planning and Tourism Policy is a fact.

Monopolization of beaches in Tulum
Monopolization of beaches in Tulum

He explained that the passage to the sandy areas is a constitutional right and that for many years has been violated by the large companies that keep the coastal strip monopolized and that increasingly reduces the passage and enjoyment of the nationals to these sites.

He commented that it is established in the Constitution that every Mexican has the right to enjoy the beaches, natural and archaeological zones of Mexico without any impediment, besides requiring that the hotel businessmen established in the coasts of Mexico leave a step of servitude for the bathers. He said that it is the large hotel consortiums that first violate all these decrees and that many tourists are thrown out of the beaches that hotels supposedly have concessions for their guests.

He expressed that in Tulum is not the exception, because unfortunately there are only at least 10 accesses to the area of beaches when there should be hundreds since each house or lodging center has the obligation to leave access for the local population, national or foreign

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