Clip presents solutions for businesses with a product catalog and recharges by phone

Clip, founded in 2012, offers a mobile credit and debit card reader that adapts to smartphones. Japanese SoftBank invests close to USD 20 million.

Clip presents solutions for businesses with a product catalog and recharges by phone
Adolfo Babatz, founder of Clip, presented his two new tools that seek to help businesses organize and grow.

The CEO and founder of Clip, Adolfo Babatz, announced two new financial services platform products focused on helping businesses organize and grow: Clip Catalog and Clip Top-Ups.

Clip Catalogue will allow businesses that use the application to organize products and keep the inventory updated at no additional cost; in addition, it has three features: it allows to organize and create a digital catalog in the subcategories that the user needs, it monitors the products to keep the portfolio of each business updated and it scans the barcode of the products, for faster sales.

The second product: Clip Refills is the solution that allows retailers to offer airtime refills for Telcel, Movistar, AT&T, and Unefon. The businesses that offer this service, will earn extra money immediately, without the need to buy balance in advance, without making a previous investment, and in just 1 minute. To make it work, it is only necessary to activate the option inside the App Clip.

Of the 90 million cell phones in Mexico, 81% are prepaid, so the opportunity is huge because you can sell airtime and earn money. "We did a study that shows that businesses that started to use Clip Recharges increased 8% their ticket and, specifically, 15% their sales. This increases business visibility and customer traffic.

Myriam Cosío, Chief Operating Officer of Clip, explained in an interview with Entrepreneur that Clip becomes an ally of the telephone companies by adding, from one day to the next, all Clip stores and their subscribers can go to any store to top up. Also, if you have a prepaid phone, and you don't want to go to a store, with your reader you can recharge and get your money back.

About the Clip Catalogue, Myriam says that Adolfo was very interested in having a solution so that businesses could organize themselves, so it was a work of more than 1 year in which many tests were done with their customers and worked on a solution that was easy to use for their customers.

These two new functions have no cost, and both are available through the Clip App on all its devices: Clip Classic, Clip Plus, and Clip PRO.

"Many times I have been asked what is the secret of the success of our company and the answer is: we are the best ally for businesses in Mexico," said Babatz.

The businessman said that among the qualities that have made Clip the financial product with the fastest market penetration in the history of Mexico is the acceptance of all payment methods, it is Customer Happiness that in less than 30 seconds you are talking to a person. "We have people attending people," he explains.

In addition, the hardware of Clip Pro and Clip Plus (which works with free internet) is practical and allows mobility for you to take your business wherever you want. And you can hire it in three steps and 5 minutes vs. 110 days offered by other methods.

Asked if they have growth plans abroad, Myriam said that "only 15% of payments in Mexico are made by electronic methods, 85% is in cash. While in Chile, 25% of payments are electronic. If Chile could have 25%, we can have it. There's still a lot to do in the country and we'll stay here until we get there".

Source: Entrepreneur