Spanish microstays startup BYHOURS will open offices in Mexico


In order to take advantage of the advantages and opportunities offered by the hotel and tourism sector in Mexico, the micro-hotel reservation platform BYHOURS will open regional offices in the country.

ByHours is a Spanish company and first microstays booking platform where hotels can be booked on the hourly basis.
ByHours is a Spanish company and first microstays booking platform where hotels can be booked on the hourly basis.

This was reported by the CEO and one of the founders of the company, Guillermo Gaspart, who added that the current context in the country is promising to the company.

This, after Hotel Travel Report 2018, ensures that one in seven people searches for destinations within their country, a trend that embraces Mexicans as the main consumers of national sites and that is timely to support tourists with short and flexible stays in costs, in hotels of three to five stars.

"This way we feed tourists' aspiration to want to know more in less time, attracted by the variety of destinations in practically the 31 states of the Republic. At the same time, we benefit hoteliers by putting a new product among their services, regardless of the timing, "said Gaspart.

In the case of foreign visitors, BYHOURS stressed that the consolidation of Mexico as the sixth place for the reception of international tourists, according to the World Tourism Organization, constitutes a pillar to which they must aim.

"Mexico City is, to a large extent, a final destination, but also a point of interconnection for business travelers in the capital, as well as for families that stop at the airport," the company's president emphasized.

Regarding business tourism, the company will continue its commitment in Mexico for the performance of the segment, as according to reports, the country is the most important destination in Latin America having grown 18.8 percent compared to the regional 15.5 percent that occurred January to September 2018.

Another favorable element that stands out Gaspart has to do with the hotel and tourism industry, and its adoption of technologies to increase visitor recruitment, loyalty and to optimize any internal logistics or administrative process.

Here the use of applications that facilitate the personalization of experience stands out, such as BYHOURS, Artificial Intelligence (AI), connectivity, video surveillance and the cloud, to name a few.

"This year, Mexico will be our strategic geographical point from where we plan to direct regional operations, and trace the first steps towards the United States, opening an office in Mexico City," he concluded.

via: Plano Informativo