Microsoft plans to invest $1.1 billion dollars in Mexico, announces AMLO


President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador reported that the company Microsoft will invest in the country 1.1 billion dollars in technology development programs over the next five years.

Microsoft will invest $1.1 billion dollars in Mexico; will open a cloud data center. Image by Haris imran from Pixabay
Microsoft will invest $1.1 billion dollars in Mexico; will open a cloud data center. Image by Haris imran from Pixabay

During his morning lecture on Thursday, AMLO thanked the confidence that investors have in Mexico and I am confident that it will grow more in the coming years.

"We have had a relationship with Microsoft; recently the CEO visited us and it was agreed to make an agreement, an alliance to work together and advance in technology. This company will invest more -because it is already doing- in technology development for the benefit of Mexico's development, he said.

According to the firm, the objective of the plan is to expand access of Mexicans and their investors to digital technology and make government organizations such as hospitals, schools, among others, improve their productivity and results.

"As part of this investment, data centers will be built in the region to provide comprehensive, intelligent, secure and reliable services to help all organizations and take advantage of the great benefits and promote their digital transformation," said Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.

AMLO said that this project includes the construction of laboratories and training programs, among other innovations, so that today's workers and those of the future have the tools that the market will demand.

In turn, Nadella said that this will put Mexico on the path of technological progress in order to contribute to economic growth.

Also during the morning conference, Cesar Cernuda Rego, president of Microsoft Latin America, explained that Innovate for Mexico includes the construction of a biosafety center and 15 training programs. The Ministry of Public Education (SEP) and universities will promote the development of virtual classrooms.

Along with the Mexican Business Council, Microsoft will lead an advisory council to present experiences among entrepreneurs for digital transformation.

As part of its support for animal and environmental preservation, the U.S. firm said it will work with the organization Mexico Azul to care for the mako shark, a vulnerable species in the country.

"This project will allow the monitoring of sharks through open-source software that uses image recognition with artificial intelligence to identify each shark individually," said Cernuda.


Lopez Obrador said that the signing of the free trade agreement with the United States and Canada made it easier for Mexico to become attractive for investment.

"It is very good news, there is confidence in the country, when we spoke in April last year Microsoft was analyzing whether it was viable to invest in Mexico, there were, of course, other countries that were candidates for this investment, and they decided to do it in Mexico and this is important help a lot because of the potential of Mexico helps the signing of the free trade agreement in the United States," said the federal president.

The president said that the country is experiencing excellent conditions to attract investors. AMLO highlighted some of the achievements of his government, such as the signing of the T-MEC and the increase in the minimum wage.

"We have carried out an administrative policy with healthy public finances, there are no deficits in real terms, we are not spending more than what enters the public treasury, we do not have problems with inflation," he said.

He also mentioned that the peso has appreciated and "it is the currency that has appreciated the most in relation to the dollar, it is not increasing the public debt, it has increased the minimum wage.


Microsoft shared that throughout this year the cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have had a transcendental impact on increasing productivity and competitiveness for most companies.

AI will be a stimulus

Mexico could increase its GDP growth rate from current projections of 2.4% per year, to levels ranging from 4.6% to 6.4% by 2030, said the study The impact of AI on the labor market in Mexico, developed by Ducker Frontier and commissioned by Microsoft Latin America.

This momentum could be accompanied by an increase in productivity and demand for more skilled workers.

In line with this scheme, the business services industry would benefit the most, with 9.4 million new jobs or the equivalent of new working hours (109% additional jobs in 2030).

The cloud will be the key to digital businesses

Rapid advances in cloud computing have begun to create new capabilities, valuable information and efficiencies, enabling companies to transform the way they deliver their products and services, and even internal processes.

As this transformation accelerates, every company virtually in every economic sector has become partly a digital business.

Microsoft said that thanks to the mobility and integration capacity of cloud solutions, there will also be a big push for open-source software, with the use of various languages, devices, databases and operating systems that will facilitate the creation and management of applications, as well as the use of virtual machines.

They said Edge Computing, the ability of devices that use the Internet of Things to process information, will be perfected. Thus, they will achieve that the learning of these has improvements in the performance, as well as in the analysis and evaluation of sensors and devices.

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