Renting an apartment has many advantages and to enjoy these you must choose the right type for your lifestyle and budget. Therefore, Vivanuncios, the eBay real estate portal, informs about how much it costs to rent an apartment in the five most expensive cities of Mexico, so you can know the maximum range of prices you will face when looking for a new place to live.

Mexico City

Mexico City is one of the most important cities in the country with more than 8 million inhabitants. Many Mexicans come year after year to the country's capital to study or in search of job opportunities. In addition, this great city offers an endless number of training and activities of all kinds for its inhabitants to enjoy. However, not everything is rosy in this mixture of tradition and modernity.

If you are thinking of moving to this city, it is important to know that it is one of the most expensive cities in Mexico to rent an apartment. The supply of apartments for rent in CDMX is approximately 6,957 apartments for rent. And, although prices may vary depending on the mayor's office, the colony, and the characteristics of the property, the average of the lowest prices is between 5,000 and 15,000 pesos per month. While residential real estate can reach an average of between 20 thousand and 80 thousand pesos per month.


The capital of the state of Jalisco is known as the second city of Mexico as it is the most populated in the country after the CDMX. This city offers everything from its streets full of Mexican culture to an excellent climate for business and investment. Another advantage is its proximity to the country's capital and beautiful beaches such as Puerto Vallarta.

This great metropolis, as it has grown, has been the headquarters for several apartment developments with an offer of around 15 thousand apartments for rent. The average price of apartments for rent in Guadalajara starts from 5 thousand pesos and reaches up to 60 thousand pesos, some of the luxury apartments also ask for maintenance fees of around 10 thousand pesos per month.


Monterrey is a city that is conurbation with other municipalities such as San Pedro Garza García, San Nicolás de los Garza, Guadalupe, among others. For this reason, the capital of the state of Nuevo Leon, is an excellent option for living, in addition to including a wide range of education and employment. Its development in terms of industry and economy is high and its unemployment rate is only 6%. It also offers a wide range of cultural and recreational activities for its inhabitants.

The supply of apartments for rent in Monterrey and the metropolitan area is wide but it is also one of the most expensive cities in Mexico. With more than a thousand options, the average low price is 4,000 pesos, which varies according to location and property. On the other hand, the average high price is around 50 thousand pesos per month.


When we listen to Cancun it is inevitable to think of its paradisiacal turquoise blue beaches, but this city has much more to offer. The wide job offer is another of the virtues to consider for those who plan to move to this city because thanks to its attractions and entertainment offer the number of tourists visiting this city increases each year boosting the tourism sector. In addition, it is an important headquarters of foreign investments. The apartments for rent in Cancun are more than 6 thousand and their prices are among the highest in the country. Starting from 4,500 pesos to 90,000 pesos a month.


The city where "the homeland begins" is the fourth most important city in the country. It is on the border with the United States and has more than 1 million inhabitants. Tijuana is considered a fun city, with a mix of American and Mexican culture, and its wide range of activities and the amount of tourists it receives is a city that never sleeps. With hundreds of real estate offers in Tijuana, the price of rentals in this city makes it one of the most expensive cities in Mexico to rent. Starting from 10 thousand pesos per month to 2500 US dollars per month (approximately 50 thousand pesos).