Mexico wins Venezuela in Caribbean Series

Charros de Jalisco of Mexico came out inspired to win 9-4 to the Cardinals of Lara of Venezuela within the Caribbean Series Panama 2019, in a game held at the National Stadium Rod Carew of the Panamanian capital.

Charros de Jalisco came out inspired to win the Cardinals of Lara of Venezuela in the Caribbean Series Panama 2019
Charros de Jalisco came out inspired to win the Cardinals of Lara of Venezuela in the Caribbean Series Panama 2019

However, despite the victory, the Charros de Jalisco team was one step away from the final and, although they must wait for a series of combinations, the challenge is almost impossible to achieve.

The mission was to win by more than six races and not receive more than one, but it did not reach. He closed with two victories and the same number of defeats this tournament.

The Mexican table went better this day with the aim of placing itself in the final and thus fulfilling the commitment to make the national baseball fans dream. From the first inning, Charros de Jalisco was decisive.

A good job left-handed Marco Tovar on the mound was what led to the ninth victory. Víctor Mendoza hit the ball through the gardens and with that he pushed Alonzo Harris home and scored the first for Charros de Jalisco.

The second score came after Japhet Amador's sacrifice ball and sent Amadeo Zazueta to the board.

However, in the third inning, he got a scare when Venezuela was about to send a fly near, but the right infielder was alert.

The battle was for the Mexican side since in the fourth inning an unstoppable by the central part of the diamond made Agustín Murillo score the third for Mexico.

Charros decided for a change when relieving on the mound. He left Tovar for José Oyervides, who had a good performance and caused a good offense.

Mexico took a couple of scares when Ali Castillo sent the ball to center field and Harlis Rodriguez arrived without problems to home for the first for Lara. Then mistake Murillo, who went in the band at first base and allowed the race.

Venezuela tried to wake up by putting 4-5 on the board. However, Mexico began to work better with Víctor Mendoza's three-run home run strategy to extend the 8-4 lead.

Those of Lara arranged to tie or do the evil to Charros who wished his pass to the final. And is that the difference of races was at stake, but win by 10 would be out and the urgency was to make more to the registrar, but without receiving.

So in the final stretch of the match, Daniel Álvarez hit a hit that led to Stephen Cardullo to the ninth race. The manager Roberto Vizcarra knew how to send his men to the battle and at the end on the mound sent Sergio Romo to seal the victory.

Already in the ninth inning time was another rival and the dream dissipated because it did not reach to be in the end.

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