Mexico wins bronze in the Czech Cup of MTB


The AR Pro Cycling Team started on the right foot their European calendar within Stabag Czech MTB Cup 2019 in the Czech Republic with a bronze medal by Adair Prieto in the junior category and a deserved fourth place by Monserrath Rodríguez in the under23 category.

Mexico wins bronze in the Czech Cup of MTB. Image: courtesy
Mexico wins bronze in the Czech Cup of MTB. Image: courtesy

According to a press release, Adair Prieto started at 10:30 local time his participation in the Strabag Czech Cup MTB 2019, facing the best European mountain bikers of the junior category, where he was faced with a hard start in the first two laps, which was not an impediment for Prieto to later recover positions and stay within the first five places, to cross the finish line in the third position and become one of the best cyclists of the event.

Prieto climbed to the bench of the winners in the third position with a record of 1 hour one minute and 42 seconds behind David Sulc representative of Ivar CS team of the Czech Republic who set a time of 1 hour 1 minute and 26 seconds, to give first place to the host of the event, Jan Zatloukal who cut the goal in 1 hour 17 seconds.

"I felt very good, at the beginning I had two bad turns and then I started to grab some rhythm and finish in the third position. The track I liked a lot and as it was done today's race, I am very happy to start the European calendar with a podium and continue to want for the next race", are the words of the best Mexican junior category Adair Prieto.

For his part, Pan-American champion, Monserath Rodríguez closed in fourth place in the under23 category and ninth in the elite category, with this excellent participation, Rodriguez has been demonstrating that he is able to soon go to the award podium and put the name of Mexico aloft.

"I am very happy for my participation in the first date of the European team calendar, I'm going with a ninth in the elite category and a fourth place in the sub 23, it was a pretty tough race, the pace of the European competitors is quite strong, the track was very fun, so the competition was exciting, we go for more and I hope to achieve the podium in the following dates" this was stated by the representative of the AR Pro Cycling Team Team Monse Rodríguez.

The AR Pro Cycling Team with Adair Prieto, Monserrath Rodríguez and Isabella García will continue with their European competition calendar on May 4th and 5th within the Bundesliga to be held in Heubach, Germany.

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