Mexico will have its NBA G-League franchise

Arnon de Mello, vice president, and general manager of NBA Latin America mentioned that the league is preparing to have a franchise outside the United States and Canada.

NBA on Mexico. Photo: Pixabay
NBA on Mexico. Photo: Pixabay

Mexico City will have a G-League franchise in no more than two years, confirmed Arnon de Mello, vice president, and general manager of the League in Latin America, in an interview for the NBA portal in Mexico.

"We are moving forward, but it is not easy because it will be the first time we will have a team from a great American League outside the United States and Canada. We are working to achieve it, we do not know if it will be for the next season, although that is the goal, "he said.

In the last edition of the Mexico Games, Adam Silver, commissioner of the NBA, said that the possibility of a franchise being established in the country was close, although he did not say how long it would take to become a reality.

De Mello added that they are concerned to maintain the presence of the region in the NBA teams and affirmed that they have to work to ensure that the Latin American presence of the League is maintained. Currently, there are only eight players from the region and none from Mexico.

"We have nine players from Brazil only, we would like to have more. But the presence of Latin America has been cyclical. We have relationships with local leagues to continue finding talents that can reach the NBA, "he said.

Africa will have its professional league

The NBA and FIBA have reached an agreement to jointly organize a professional league in Africa, announced the commissioner of the NBA, Adam Silver.

"We have talked about the matter for the past few months and there is tremendous interest from the owners of the NBA franchises. Several of our partners have expressed interest in working with us in Africa, including Pepsi and Nike Jordan Brand. "

The tournament will be called Basketball Africa League and will be made up of 12 teams of different nationalities. Angola, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, and Tunisia would have teams participating in the event. No country could have more than two teams in the league. The tournament will start in 2020.

Silver also said that the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, a passionate supporter of basketball, has told him that he wants to "be directly involved with these activities in Africa." However, their participation has not yet been determined.

"Mark Tatum and I had the pleasure of spending several hours in recent months with President Obama, and we all know how much work he has been doing in Africa and what fan of the sport of basketball is. He said: 'I want to participate directly in these activities in Africa.' "

LeBron wants to own a franchise

LeBron James, the star of the Los Angeles Lakers, confessed in an interview to the portal The Athletic that he claims to own one of the NBA franchises.

"I know it's complicated, but I definitely will. I know I have a lot of knowledge of the game that I do not want to lose once I stop playing. I just do not want to get away from the game, "he said.

Source: El Economista

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