First NBA G-League franchise may be in Mexico

The first franchise of an NBA basketball team in Latin America may be in Mexico, announced Brazil's Arnon de Mello, general manager of the region, considering that the National Basketball Association is doing very well in Latin America.

NBA on Mexico. Photo: Pixabay
NBA on Mexico. Photo: Pixabay

In an interview with Efe during the celebration of the NBA G-League International Challenge Uruguay at the Antel Arena in Montevideo, the director talks about the next objectives of the league for the region, the next season in the United States and the recent World Cup in China won by Spain.

The entity's top executives noted that the market may be attractive enough to take the risk. With the encounters they have had in Mexico, they realized the gains it can bring.

"Latin Americans love basketball, they play it, we are on the same schedule as the United States," he said. "We can watch the games live, which is very important. We are doing a lot of actions, very present in the market. This helps us grow".

However, there is still no short-term plan. Within the NBA, they are focused on fostering discipline and helping young people become more fond of basketball. Taking a franchise to Latin America will have to wait for now.

"We have to continue to support basketball development processes. We are very involved with the younger kids to choose basketball as their favorite sport early on. It's the biggest project we have at the moment," he continued.

"In other parts of the world, we are growing a lot too, two offices in China, one in India, one in Africa, one in Europe... Today there are 14 offices around the world, which is very different from any other sports league in the world. I think we have a big advantage because we are present in all regions and we have people from the regions working," he closed.

By Mexicanist Source EFE

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Mexico will have its NBA G-League franchise

Arnon de Mello, vice president, and general manager of NBA Latin America mentioned that the league is preparing to have a franchise outside the United States and Canada.

Mexico City will have a G-League franchise in no more than two years, confirmed Arnon de Mello, vice president, and general manager of the League in Latin America, in an interview for the NBA portal in Mexico.

"We are moving forward, but it is not easy because it will be the first time we will have a team from a great American League outside the United States and Canada. We are working to achieve it, we do not know if it will be for the next season, although that is the goal, "he said.

In the last edition of the Mexico Games, Adam Silver, commissioner of the NBA, said that the possibility of a franchise being established in the country was close, although he did not say how long it would take to become a reality.

De Mello added that they are concerned to maintain the presence of the region in the NBA teams and affirmed that they have to work to ensure that the Latin American presence of the League is maintained. Currently, there are only eight players from the region and none from Mexico.

"We have nine players from Brazil only, we would like to have more. But the presence of Latin America has been cyclical. We have relationships with local leagues to continue finding talents that can reach the NBA, "he said.

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