Today Ramon Diaz commands the Mexico City Capitanes' headquarters, will lead in the G League, the NBA's development league, and will be in charge of paving the way for the incursion of Mexican basketball out of the local system. The success of the adventure of the Capitanes in the G League, the prelude to the greatest competition 'basketball' in the world, will depend largely on the skills of the Andalusian on the board and in the management of wills. Diaz is aware of the challenge.

The Spanish coach spoke to AS from Andalusia, somewhere between Granada and Malaga, where he has passed the confinement. At a distance, the coach has used the technological tools to prepare the presentation of Capitanes in the G League, together with his team, spread over different countries. There is a lot to do.

The team of Capitanes will suffer many changes facing their debut in the G League. Ramon Diaz himself confirms this, but does not venture to give a list of discards. The construction period of the roster is not yet complete.

The club has not discussed the short, medium and long-term sporting objectives to be achieved in the G League. But Ramón Díaz has two clear goals: to compete and to train players. The Capitanes will not be directly affiliated with any NBA franchise, unlike the other teams in the G League, a detail that could favor their pretension.

The Capitanes still don't know when the 2020-2021 G League season will start. Since the NBA season will extend into October due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the start of the next league could be delayed until December. Therefore, being a parallel competition, the G League must balance its times with those of the NBA.