This 2020 will continue Mexico's tourism development

The Secretariat of Tourism (SECTUR) reported that for this year 2020, is expected to continue the trend of tourism development in Mexico and growth in foreign traveler arrivals to Mexico between 4% and 10%.

Foreign direct investment in tourism grows 68.4%.
Foreign direct investment in tourism grows 68.4%.

This is an estimate because last year only from the People's Republic of China, 167,663 tourists arrived in Mexico by air, which meant an increase of 18.3% over 2017.

Growth of historic cities

According to the UNESCO World Heritage List, Mexico has 27 cultural properties, due to their historical value or architectural beauty. This is why there has been a growing interest from international tourists to visit Mexican cities that have impressive museums, ruins, and great cuisine.

Let's take a tour of the main cities and their tourist attractions:


A city in which you can carry out an endless number of activities, ranging from visiting museums to parks and beautiful gardens. According to the Expedia 2020 report 'Trends in Travel', Colima is the best destination to visit in Mexico this year.


Internationally recognized for its great contribution to world gastronomy, due to its famous chocolate and the wide diversity of ways to prepare it. In addition to presenting a renowned culinary art, the capital is full of cultural and historical attractions. The places that are usually visited are the historic center of the town (declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987), the Temple of Santo Domingo de Guzmán and Monte Albán.

Mexico City

Mexico City for being huge makes it a historical destination not to be missed by many, it has very interesting places like the Zocalo; that is why thanks to free tours in Mexico City many visitors can also see one of the buildings surrounding the Zocalo as it is the Metropolitan Cathedral, is the largest cathedral in Latin America and one of the largest Christian temples in the world. Other important historical sites include the Templo Mayor Museum and the National Palace.


This is a city worth exploring for many tourists, from the enormous murals of the Government Palace, its museums (especially the Museum of the Mexican Revolution), to ecotourism (such as the Copper Canyon Adventure Park and its cable car).


For those looking for outdoor activities, an excellent option is the Guadalupe Canyon, located in Sierra Cucapah, in this place travelers can enjoy activities such as climbing, hiking, wildlife observation, even visit archaeological sites and rock paintings.


The center of this city, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, features the renowned Temple of Santos Domingo and the Cathedral of Zacatecas. Other essential places to visit are the Plaza de Armas, the Emporio Zacatecas, and the Palacio de la Mala Noche, located in front of the cathedral.


For those who love art and local culture, Tapachula presents famous sites such as the Archaeological Museum of Soconusco, a place full of activities that help visitors expand their historical and cultural knowledge about the city. Other must-see sites include the city's Cathedral, the Benito Juarez Monument and the Bicentennial and Hidalgo parks.


One of the historical points of interest is the Juan Escutia Museum. It also has other attractions such as the Government Palace, the Guadalupe Sanctuary, the Amado Nervo House Museum, the Tepic Cathedral, and the Santa Maria Goretti Church.


El Cóporo is the most important archaeological site in the state, a site that has only been explored in approximately 5% of the total area. It also has a museum dedicated to preserving and disseminating the work of local painters from the nineteenth century to the present.


It features unmissable attractions such as the Tijuana Wax Museum and Baja Studios. Some suggestions for visitors interested in learning more about cultural and historical facts are the Rosarito Theater and the Trompo Interactive Museum Tijuana.