Foreign direct investment in tourism grows 68.4%.

The Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marqués, noted that Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) registered in the tourism sector in Mexico during the first six months of this year, shows the highest growth that has been had for a first semester in the last decade.

Foreign direct investment in tourism grows 68.4%.
Foreign direct investment in tourism grows 68.4%.

During his participation in the panel entitled "Tourism: more financing is good, more social responsibility" at the Business Summit, Torruco Marqués said that from January to June 2019, foreign investment in this industry grew 68.4 percent over the previous year.

He said that in recent years, Foreign Direct Investment in Mexico has not decreased and, as an example, recalled that the accumulated in this line from 1999 to the third quarter of this year reaches 21 billion dollars.

He stressed that FDI for the period January-September 2019, is estimated at $624 million dollars, representing three percent of all Foreign Direct Investment in the country.

In this panel Torruco was accompanied by the co-president of Grupo Barceló Spain, Simon Pedro Barceló, the president of the Spanish Confederation of Travel Agencies, Rafael Gallego Nadal, and the general director of Interjet, William Shaw, before whom he argued that in Mexico will encourage the development of tourist sites through public investment, so that there are no current contrasts between luxury hotels and marginalized neighborhoods, as this has a direct positive impact on the stimulus to investment.

When talking about the national tourism strategy for the six years of the current administration, he said that the Federal Government seeks to consolidate the country as a tourism power with welfare and a fair and balanced development, under the following premises: promote a social and inclusive approach, which becomes an instrument of social reconciliation, promote a balanced regional development, diversify tourism markets and promote sustainable tourism.

With the managing partner of Alemán Velasco y Asociados, Lorenzo Lazo Margain, as moderator of the panel, Torruco Marqués placed special emphasis on working on the preservation and conservation of Mexico's natural and cultural resources, in which inclusion and sustainability are basic aspects.

Talking about the possibility that Mexico will become a leader in responsible and sustainable tourism, he assured that his dependency is working on this aspect with the strategy Renace Mexico Sustainable, because the country needs to incorporate the concept of "sustainability" throughout the value chain of tourism, because sustainability offers greater economic profitability by giving more value to products and services, and because there is a growing demand from the population to incorporate sustainable living practices.

In Cancun, the Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marqués, called on entrepreneurs from Quintana Roo to maintain their confidence in the federal government and, at the same time, asked them to invest in the construction of a track to take the Nascar Mexico race to that tourist destination.

By Mexicanist Source Agencies

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