Mexico to host the Blockchain Summit Latam in July

On the 4th and 5th of July, the third Blockchain Summit Latam event will be held in Mexico. The event will be held in Mexico City.

Mexico to host the Blockchain Summit Latam in July
This year, Mexico has been selected to host the Blockchain Summit Latam, as it is one of the Latin American countries where blockchain has developed the most and is the first country in Latin America to issue a Fintech Law. 

On the 4th and 5th of July, the third Blockchain Summit Latam event will be held in Mexico where the main speakers, developers, and entrepreneurs of the bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem in Mexico and Latin America will meet. The event will be held in Mexico City, although the venue is still to be confirmed.

The content of the event will be broad and focused on targeting 4 pillars of the blockchain ecosystem in Latin America; StartUps, Companies, Government, and Regulators. This will be a space to share knowledge and get to know the community that makes possible the presence of bitcoin and blockchain in Latin America.

This is the third edition of Blockchain Summit Latam. This congress was born in May of 2018 in Chile and attended by people from all over the Latin American continent to discuss cryptocurrencies and blockchain, which helped strengthen the bitcoin ecosystem in Chile. Months later, in October of 2018, there was a second version of the event in Bogotá, Colombia. In total, during all the events of 2018, more than 1,500 people gathered and more than 48 hours of teaching material on technology were offered.

This year, Mexico has been selected to host the Blockchain Summit Latam, as it is one of the Latin American countries where blockchain has developed the most and is the first country in Latin America to issue a Fintech Law. The creators of the event have a great interest in generating discussion about the regulations around cryptocurrencies.

What to look for in the Blockchain Summit Latam

The organizers of the event are motivated by the benefits that decentralization can bring to the Latin American continent. Corruption and lack of transparency are problems that wreak havoc throughout the continent. Blockchain, by favoring decentralized systems, can bring transparency, agility, and efficiency in Latin American countries.

To make decentralization a real and applied solution in Latin America, the developer community must become strong. This is achieved by favoring connections between projects, sharing knowledge, and publicizing the actual use cases of blockchain technology. Objectives that are seeking to achieve in this event. The regulation of cryptocurrencies will also be discussed and the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Latin America will be promoted.

In the Blockchain Summit Latam, the conditions will be established to generate networking, to expose real use cases with the community, and to share knowledge. With all this, the process of adoption of cryptocurrencies in Latin America is accelerated and improved.

It seeks to highlight the projects and knowledge generated in Latin America. There will be speakers from various places in Latin America, also exhibitors from the United States and Europe. However, there is a special interest in inviting local speakers to rescue the knowledge generated in Mexico, since it is the country that hosts the event.

Content of the event

In the two days of the Blockchain Summit Latam, there will be talks, panels, workshops, and workshops. Content will be shared for people with specialized knowledge and also for beginners who want to get to know what is blockchain, crypto, and their applications. There will be different levels of complexity in the conferences and workshops.

The first day of the event will have a technical focus; the topics of programming and the development of new technologies will be discussed. We will discuss what are decentralized applications, we will expose cases of use of the economy of the token and we will talk about the ecosystem of blockchain in Latin America.

Given that there are sufficient material and assistance, a new modality has been created in which conferences and workshops will be held simultaneously. Those interested in learning about programming platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, Cardano, and NEM will be able to take their computer and learn in practical workshops. At the same time, different general conferences on the technical part of this technology will take place.

At night there will be a Hackathon where the companies will put challenges that the programmers will have to solve in 18 hours, with the main objective that the winning solution continues to develop the proof of concept with the company. Participating in this contest is completely free, hackathon participants can compete without the need to buy an event ticket.

On day two, the focus will be business; will talk about business, regulation, and the impact of crypto and blockchain in the financial sector. There will be discussions about how banks are adopting blockchain technology. After discussing the concepts that give life to the development, real use cases will be presented, the startups that apply blockchain will have a space to show how they take advantage of the technology. It will be discussed, as the development of this area has been taking a lot of force.

The issue of the regulation of cryptocurrencies in Latin America is latent and urgent. What happens around the Fintech Law in Mexico, the decisions that Banxico is taking when regulating digital assets, there will be international guests who will share the experiences of regulation in other countries. This event will be discussed on how to create a regulation of cryptocurrencies that favors innovation.

Blockchain Summit Latam seeks to create bridges to support networking between companies and StartUps, seeks to create a space where the network becomes more solid, seeks to expose real use cases, and with all this favor the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the continent.

Blockchain Summit Latam has a wide and varied agenda for the public with different levels of knowledge and interests. The themes of the event encompass a broad panorama where all corners of the varied crypto ecosystem are illuminated.

Latin America is a territory where blockchain and cryptocurrencies can generate many benefits, however, it is necessary to disseminate information, develop more accessible platforms, and implement decentralized solutions. Spaces such as Blockchain Summit Latam promotes, are fruitful and nutritious for the bitcoin ecosystem, favor the adoption of cryptocurrencies and accelerate the development of blockchain.