A survey by the Dutch company Booking.com reveals that Mexico has positioned itself as the third most hospitable country in the tourism sector. According to the research, 77 percent of Mexicans surveyed consider their nation one of the most hospitable, comparing their experience as a guest in their own country and abroad. This result positioned Mexico in third place in the world, only after Thailand that covered 85 percent, and Indonesia with 83 percent, followed by Taiwan with 77 percent of preferences; India registered 75 percent to be located in the fourth place.

Mexico City is considered ideal for modern travelers looking to enjoy luxurious landscapes and fabulous restaurants, as well as the culture in internationally renowned museums. In the rest of the Mexican territory, the traveler finds beaches, mountain sanctuaries, and desert mystics. "Without a doubt, Mexico has something for every traveler, and the hosts will do their best to convince you of it through the best recommendations and personalized attention."

The travel e-commerce company reported that among the 29 nationalities surveyed from around the world, with a sample of 21,500 people, travelers from Thailand are those who most consider their country as superior in hospitality. Thailand is known for its beaches and beautiful temples, besides being considered the ideal destination for those seeking a warm welcome to the rich local culture.