Tacos al pastor, the best dish in the world

Taste Atlas, the site specializing in meals around the world, ranked tacos al pastor at the top of a list of the 100 best-rated foods in the world.

The evaluation of tacos al pastor was carried out by international chefs and gastronomy experts.
The evaluation of tacos al pastor was carried out by international chefs and gastronomy experts.

The tacos al pastor, also known as tacos de trompo, obtained 4.5 stars out of five possible in the range. They are followed by the Neapolitan pizza, the lasagna with the Bolognese and the Brazilian churrasco. Other Mexican dishes that were also included in this ranking were the chile relleno, which obtained 4.3 stars. The enchiladas took a note of 4.2.

Taste Atlas, created by Matija Babic, is considered the "Google Maps" of food. The company seeks to make a map with the typical dishes of each nation, and its site has thousands of followers.

"Tacos are the national dish of Mexico, dating back to the Mexican silver mines of the eighteenth century when the word taco referred to gunpowder that was wrapped in a piece of paper and inserted into rocks," says Taste Atlas, explaining some of the histories of the taco in Mexico.

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Eating tacos al pastor is healthier than a granola bar

It might sound quite strange that a food such as tacos, which regularly contain high caloric content, is healthier than eating a granola bar that is distinguished by its high fibre content, but science proves that eating tacos al pastor is healthier than a bar of granola.

Tacos al Pastor

According to research conducted by the University of the Americas, Puebla, Mexico, tacos al pastor or cochinita, contains fewer calories than a granola bar.

"The students ordered 5 tacos al pastor with everything (onion, cilantro and pineapple) and flutes of cochinita pibil with cream, cheese and purple onion".

The results were the following:

Fat content

Pastor: 11.92%

Cochinita: 11.50%


Pastor: 23.51%

Cochinita: 4.07%


Pastor: 20.77%

Cochinita: 40.70%

After comparing these portions, they did it with a granola bar, which contains between 20% and 30% fat.

Now you should not feel guilty to enjoy your 'taquitos', surprisingly, eating tacos is healthier than a granola bar.

Tacos are a symbol of Mexican cuisine

Basket, golden, soft, drowned, shepherd, carnitas, head, tongue, suadero, barbecue, Cecina, mixiote, shrimp, laguneros, miners and even "double copy", tacos are the favorite food in Mexican cuisine.

In a statement, Tradex Exposiciones highlighted that this food has a preference of up to 76 percent among Mexicans, according to a study carried out by the Strategic Communications Office (GCE).

One of the culinary characteristics in the country is the sale of food in the street, either in public transport stations, outside the offices, in tianguis or markets, where the term "Garnacha" is given to this type of food.

(Panchos Takos) Al Pastor Tacos

The company of events and exhibitions added that the study of GCE also revealed that the tacos de pastor, steak, carne asada, suadero and carnitas are those that most please the Mexican palate; while those of cheese, tongue, flank steak, potatoes and vegetables are the least liked.

The study indicates that most Mexicans consider dinner as the ideal time of day to consume tacos; where 43 percent prefer to take them home, 42 percent eat them in some place and 12 percent in the street.

Tradex Exposiciones pointed out that to prepare a taco, only one tortilla and the creativity of the diner are required since the variety of ingredients can be infinite: salt, grasshoppers, pork rinds, avocado, meat or any other filling.