Mexico successfully participates in the International Tourism Fair of Madrid


The participation of the government of Mexico in the International Fair of Tourism of Madrid FITUR-2019, was successful and was carried out in a framework of austerity with efficient use of public resources, said the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur).

Sunset in Campeche, Mexico
Sunset in Campeche, Mexico

The head of the Sectur, Miguel Torruco Marqués, informed that this allowed reaching an agreement with Spain to develop and strengthen the cooperation between both countries in tourism.

He stressed that the government of Mexico has adopted a republican vision in favor of austerity, which seeks transparency and optimization in the application of public resources, hence the new scheme of participation of the country in FITUR, one of the most important

He expressed that he is very pleased with the participation that Mexico had and the entire delegation integrated by the state governments attending and tour operators in FITUR, and thanked the sponsorships with which the government had to have a significant presence in this event of international relevance.

When making a balance on the participation of Mexico in the fair of Madrid, Torruco Marqués highlighted that, in the new tourism model promoted by the Sectur, one of the main objectives is to increase the economic flow for international tourists.

"In the Ministry of Tourism we are working to make Mexico a special, different destination, which places it above its competitors in the preferences of the more than 1,300 million tourists who travel every year around the world," he reiterated.

The agency reported in a statement that the agenda began on Monday, January 21, with its participation in the inaugural ribbon cutting of the "Campeche Week in Spain", along with the Mexican ambassador to Spain, Roberta Lajous, and the governor of Campeche, Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas, at the Casa de México in Spain.

Ambassador Lajous affirmed: "Today we dress in full dress, for the first time a state of the Republic will be received in this house to show the best of its art, its history, its gastronomy and its crafts. But, above all, for the possibility of linking with different sectors of Spanish society and make a comprehensive promotion of the state of Campeche.

On Tuesday, January 22, Miguel Torruco participated in the "22nd Ibero-American Conference of Ministers and Tourism Entrepreneurs", which was held within the framework of the International Tourism Fair (FITUR), in his capacity as president of the Inter-American Committee on Tourism. of the Organization of American States (OAS) and Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico.

In this forum, before ministers and entrepreneurs of Ibero-America, the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico convened an international meeting to analyze and agree, jointly, actions that lead to a solution to the problem represented by the increasing presence of sargassum on several beaches. countries that are part of the Caribbean Sea Basin.

He stressed the importance that the Ministries of Tourism and the Environment of Ibero-America work in close coordination to carry out common actions to face this natural phenomenon, since it affects tourism activity and adversely impacts the economy of these tourist centers and, with it, the life of its inhabitants, the fauna, flora and the existing ecosystems in the littorals.

In the same forum, the Secretary of Tourism said that Mexico is a hugely attractive country for investment, through incentives and support, in addition to having a solid economic environment, is now the fourteenth economy in the world and thirteenth with more of international reserves.

On Wednesday, January 22nd, the head of the Sectur inaugurated the Mexican Pavilion at FITUR, where he stressed that he has started a new stage in the country's tourism promotion, through work and joint collaboration between the government and the private initiative, with the support of embassies and consulates at the international level, to continue positioning Mexico as a world class destination.

Torruco Marqués emphasized that it is necessary to continue with the promotion and dissemination of tourism as a fundamental tool to maintain Mexico's position in the international market, recognizing that there is a complex and multidimensional tourism reality and strong competition.

On Thursday, January 24, during a meal offered to the government of Mexico by Grupo Milenio and Unidad Editorial, Miguel Torruco explained that the new tourism model promoted by the Tourism Secretariat.

As part of his work schedule in the Iberian capital, he also held interviews with Spanish media; attended a working meeting with governors and secretaries of tourism attending FITUR; had a meeting with Spanish hotel businessmen and participated in the presentation of the Tianguis in Acapulco-2019, in the fairgrounds.

He met with the Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Zurab Plololikashvili; He had a meeting with the president of Banco Sabadell, Josep Oliu and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Commerce and Tourism of Spain, by María Reyes Maroto.

The federal agency mentioned that this cooperation agreement will be ratified by the Presidents of both countries during the visit that the Spanish president, Pedro Sanchez, will soon make to Mexico.