Mexico, next destination of the Muy restaurants


Entrepreneurs José Guillermo Calderón and Miguel MC Allister founded the platforms and Merqueo, and in a new stage of their business they opened the restaurant chain Muy, with which they hope to innovate in the offer of lunches.

The new chain makes a bet for an inclusive offer of lunches.
The new chain makes a bet for an inclusive offer of lunches.

In less than a year the chain has four locations located in several areas of the country. The last to open, this week, is in the Conecta Business Ecosystem. At that point, as a promotion, he offered free lunches.

Although for now it has focused on opening points in Bogota, the plans of the businessmen are aimed at entering Medellín, as the second city in Colombia. Likewise, it is proposed to extend the model of restaurants to Mexico.

The goals programmed for 2020 are to sell one million lunches a month, have 100 open points of sale in different cities of the country and beyond, and reach sales of $ 50,000 million.

In 2016, while developing their project, they realized that home delivery in Colombia was a luxury service, at the same time they noticed that in the lunches sector there was not an inclusive place, since called 'corrientazos' have divided the clients by strata.

This means that if a person can pay an average dish of $ 20,000 access good service, quality food and a pleasant space. It does not happen the same with those who manage a daily budget between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000.

With this reality, entrepreneurs designed a format to ensure that all people can acquire different attributes in one place and, in turn, democratize the experience at lunchtime.

Muy offers lunch from $ 7,900, in a different sociocultural ecosystem in a single space. The modality of orders per screen, which can be directly managed by the customer at the point of sale, is one of the novelties. Later he plans a platform for home sales.

via: Portafolio