Mexico national productions on Netflix in expansion

What Netflix has found is betting on very diverse projects, Mexico such as 'Ingobernable', 'Monarca', 'Diablero' - very different from the 'La Casa de las Flores'.

Mexico national productions on Netflix in expansion
A group of experts talk about the Mexican stories that are conquering international audiences.

A few days ago the Netflix Forum was held in Mexico City; In this meeting, the talk was organized: "Mexican Stories, Global Audiences", where creatives such as Verónica Velasco participated, who has been behind projects such as "Ingobernable" for the streaming platform; also present was Manolo Caro who enjoys the success of "La Casa de las Flores"; the previous ones were joined by José Manuel Cravioto from "Diablero" and the producer Billy Rovzar from "Monarca", who met to talk about the impact their stories have had on foreign markets.

In the talk moderated by Francisco Ramos, vice president of International Originales for Latin America and Spain, it was highlighted that "Diablero" has been a success in Brazil and France, while "The house of flowers" had an excellent reception in Spain and that is why decided to shoot the second season in that European country. Likewise, the creatives concluded that "Ingobernable" or soon "Monarca" have very much tattooed Mexico in the way their plots tell.

"There is a before and after Netflix, whose arrival did make a change regarding audiovisual entertainment; caused a tsunami in that area, see what one wants to see without interruptions, broke barriers of time, space, how we imposed the content on traditional television, "said Veronica, who notes that no doubt the creators of the platform understood the moment they were living and that they anticipated and transformed the audiovisual creative industry forever.

During the talk it was said that while there is no formula for success, what has worked is that very specific stories, very determined at one point, that would seem very local, are the ones that impact the most. Billy Rovzar gave the example that it is not the same to say that you want to talk about organized crime in a plot that in a specific colony, a specific street, with very particular characters, organized crime moves them and governs them.

"One of the incredible things Netflix does is that it is not just another platform that allows you to tell a story, what you can see is that in the whole world you have a release and that is something that you did not have before, now in movies what We're watching with 'Roma', but on TV it's something incredible."

Manolo Caro agrees with that idea. "What Netflix has found is betting on very diverse projects, Mexico such as 'Ingobernable', 'Monarca', 'Diablero' - very different from the 'La Casa de las Flores'. I believe that there lies the fact that we are reaching new audiences, that we are traveling, and that Mexican stories are being seen in other countries. That has to do a little with what Verónica (Velasco) says, act with freedom, present stories that are very Mexican, be honest in what we are creating so that honesty is transmitted and find an audience."

José Manuel Cravioto also believes that all the time is evolving in the way of creating and disseminating content, "an expansive wave is generated where there are more players who want to enter and that would not have happened without the possibility of streaming."

Francisco Ramos finally analyzed that particularly these stories of "Ingobernable", "The House of Flowers", "Diablero" and "Monarca" talk about the family and that these topics are the ones that hit the audience the most, as well as the themes of the search for happiness and love and that they love you.

Undoubtedly, "The House of Flowers" has been a success, and for the second season of the production will be joined the actress Mariana Treviño, whom we can also see in "Club de Cuervos".

The star cast led by Cecilia Suárez (Paulina de la Mora), Aislinn Derbez (Elena de la Mora), Darío Yazbek (Julián de la Mora), Arturo Ríos (Ernesto de la Mora), Juan Pablo Medina (Diego), Luis de la Rosa (Bruno) and Paco León (María José) started yesterday, in Mexico City, the shooting of the new season. The production began at the beginning of February in Spain where several scenes were filmed, causing a stir when watching Paulina de la Mora strolling along Madrid's Gran Vía.

Mariana Treviño arrives at this series in the role of Jenny Quetzal, a peculiar instructor of "courses" capable of changing a life (and even of reborn) to anyone who crosses her path.

"Returning to film 'The house of flowers' in Mexico fills me with emotion, we face a more hilarious and daring season. To have Mariana Treviño in the cast is for me the perfect analogy, the return home, to work with my professional family ", shared Manolo Caro, creator of the series.

For her part, Mariana Treviño added: "It will always be a pleasure to work with Manolo whom I adore and admire". The cast also includes: María León, Eduardo Rosa, Loreto Peralta, Flavio Medina, Anabel Ferreira and the special performance of Eduardo Casanova.