In Mexico, 45 percent of freelancers are moms

In Mexico, 45% of freelancers are moms, and 50% of them have university training and work in areas of writing, marketing and programming.

In Mexico, 45 percent of freelancers are moms
In Mexico, 45 percent of freelancers are moms.

In Mexico, 45 percent of freelancers are moms, and 50 percent of them have a university education and work mainly in areas such as; writing, marketing, and programming, according to a study prepared by the company Workana.

"There are many women who see in the freelance model a viable option to integrate motherhood, their professional growth, and work, which facilitates their development in these areas of life," said the communication manager of the company, Daniela Macedo.

According to the Freelance Mothers' Study in the Labor Market, the Mexican independent worker has a solid academic background and constantly invests in her professional training. The research revealed that five out of 10 Mexican freelancers have university training in areas such as writing, marketing, programming, design, and administrative support.

Meanwhile, 20 percent have a master's or doctorate, and 16 percent of them devoted 2018 more than 100 hours to continue their professional training. In addition, 81 percent of the independent women speak a second language, the main one being English.

Regarding the income, the company dedicated to the hiring of independent professionals in Latin America exposed that close to 60 percent of freelance moms receive more than nine thousand 500 pesos per month; while two of every 10 women generate between nine thousand 500 and 28 thousand pesos.

They mainly attend projects that have to do with writing and translation (39 percent); marketing and sales (18 percent); programming and technology (16 percent); design and multimedia (12 percent); administrative support (12 percent) and approximately 65 percent led a team.