Mexico excels in business skills, according to Coursera Global Skills Index 2019


Mexico is opening its way to the development of skills in technology and data science, showing promise in key competencies such as HCI (Human Interaction with Computers)

Mexico excels in business skills
Mexico excels in business skills

The urge to improve skills is a global phenomenon, however, each nation has a unique set of economic, political and social circumstances that make up the landscape of its current capabilities. According to the Bank of Mexico, 7 out of 10 jobs in the country run the risk of being automated by machines, algorithms or artificial intelligence.

For this reason, to maintain competitiveness in a changing economy and to lead the advance in Latin America, the government and companies in Mexico must help their population to improve their skills; But to do so, they must first understand how their workforce performs in critical areas.

In order to have the key information to do just that, Coursera presented the first edition of its Global Skills Index (GSI), which highlights trends in competencies and performance in 60 countries and 10 industries in subjects of business, technology and data science. In this regard, regarding the analysis of the countries -although it is not yet a world leader- the emerging performance of Mexico in certain areas reveals its potential, both regionally and globally, occupying the # 39 position in business skills, # 43 in technology and # 40 in data science.

"The global skill landscape is in a great transition. With technology advancing faster than humans, the skills that once propelled careers, industries and entire economies will no longer be enough, "said Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of Coursera." With the launch of the Global Skills Index, governments and Companies now have unprecedented access to high-quality data about their capabilities, which will help them understand how their workforce compares to the rest of the world and take action before any opportunity for improvement. "

In addition to providing valuable information on the level of skills, the platform is committed to helping people develop in areas that resulted in lower performance. For this reason, and to allow Mexicans to boost their professional future, Coursera is also granting 5,000 scholarships for students in Mexico to take business, technology and data science courses; These scholarships will enable them to receive training and obtain certificates through courses aligned to the competencies identified in the GSI as lagging or emerging in the country.

Among the key findings detailed by the Global Skills Index, both global and regional for Latin American countries, including Mexico, the following is highlighted:

Latin America has a great inequality in skills: according to the economic and cultural diversity, the region has a great variation in its competences. For example, Argentina is ranked number 1 in the world in data science and Chile in number 11 in business, which contrasts with countries with lower performance such as Dominican Republic (# 48 in data science) and Ecuador (# 51 in business).

Mexico is in the average in Latin America: Mexico is positioned in the regional list between the middle and lower half in the three domains, located next to Brazil, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador.

The strongest area in Mexico is business: the country ranks 39th worldwide and number 7 in the region in business skills, as it was identified as emerging in Marketing (42%), Finance (41%) and Accounting (31%).

Mexico in technology and data science: it is ranked 43 in technology and 40 in data science - in the global comparison. Within the area of ​​technology, Human Interaction with Computers (54%) is the competition with the best results, while it has an important opportunity to be developed in Databases (8%) and Security Engineering (14%). On the other hand, in terms of data science, Mexico is emerging in Statistical Programming (39%) and Data Visualization (34%), but is lagging behind in Machine Learning (8%) and Mathematics (12%).

In addition to the comparison between countries, the report also analyzes the performance of skills in 10 of the main industries around the world, among which we can highlight that:

Technology industry: professionals lack solid business skills, ranking fifth among the ten industries.

Manufacturing shows resilience in the digital era: it ranks first in business and technology, demonstrating an aptitude to face change successfully.

Telecommunications are constantly in the top positions: it is the only industry that consistently ranks in the top 3 places in business, technology and data science (# 3 in each).

The financial sector shows a performance of skills below average: despite its search for digital transformation, it occupies the penultimate place in data and business sciences (# 9), and is ranked # 5 in technology.

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