Mexico could exceed 20 billion dollars in online sales this year

Mexico could exceed 20 billion dollars of sales via electronic commerce in 2019, which would rank among the 15 fastest growing nations in this segment in the world, and a leader in Latin America along with Brazil.

However, only 10 percent have an online platform, according to official data. Image: Pixabay
However, only 10 percent have an online platform, according to official data. Image: Pixabay

E-commerce sales in Latin America exceed 57 billion dollars, almost 3.0 percent of the world total, reveals the Global E-Commerce Index 2018 of the firm Linio, which includes 53 countries in eight regions of the world.

For its part, the Ranking of America Economics Intelligence reveals that Brazil reports sales for 19 thousand 722 million dollars and Mexico for about 18 billion dollars last year, although specialists predict that it could exceed 20 billion.

In the opinion of the Mexican company EnvíoClick, in 2019 e-commerce is expected to continue to grow and more small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) join online sales to grow their businesses.

In this sense, one of the biggest challenges and a key factor for the success of online stores is the logistics operation, given the impact it generates on the experience of its customers and, consequently, on the business.

Therefore, it is important not to lose sight of having a strong logistics, or with a partner that can provide it and meet the needs of the business, recommends EnvíoClick, the main logistics platform that supports Mexican companies in electronic commerce.

It highlights that SMEs have great potential for use and application of electronic commerce, "unfortunately it is the lack of knowledge of the subject which makes many still not make the leap to the electronic platform."

In Mexico there are around four million 926 thousand companies, of which 97.6 percent are SMEs and generate 52 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 72 percent of employment in the country.

According to the World Index of Electronic Commerce, China leads online transactions worldwide, with sales of more than 636 billion 087 million dollars, followed by the United States, which invoices 504 billion 582 million dollars; and the United Kingdom, with 86 billion 450 million dollars.

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