Safety recommendations for the Mexico City

In Mexico City precautions should be taken about public transportation including metro, minibusses, and taxis.

Safety recommendations for the Mexico City
Precautions should be taken in relation to public transportation including metro, mini buses, and taxis. Photo by Bhargava Marripati / Unsplash

Mexico City, although it is not an area especially affected by drug trafficking and organized crime, presents a level of citizen insecurity that must be taken into account, so it is advisable to be particularly vigilant. Not all neighborhoods in the city have the same security problems.

The recommended procedures to hire a taxi service are the following:

a) The taxi service of the Benito Juarez International Airport in Mexico City is reliable: the ticket must be purchased previously in the authorized booths in the arrivals area of ​​the airport, indicating the place where you want to be taken. Prices are charged according to the area to which you are traveling.

b) Some hotels have their taxi service: they can be taken once it has been verified in the hotel that the administration knows and supports them.

c) In the street, it is not recommended to take the taxis in circulation directly, but to go to one of the so-called taxi "sites" and arrange the service with the person in charge of the site. Taxis can also be requested by phone or other services such as Uber or Cabify. In this case, it is advisable to ask the operator for the plate number (registration number) or taxi number for later verification. You can also request information about the transport price in advance.

Although the historical center can be visited, it must be done taking the indicated precautions and avoiding walking through areas that are far from the usual routes.

There have been some attacks and robberies on tourists on buses that make the trip between Mexico City and Teotihuacán.

It is not advisable to drive only in Mexico City at night if you do not know the city well. It is also not advisable to travel on foot at night in unfrequented or isolated places.