The Metro Museum has a new version to be visited with just one click. It is a virtual presentation of the precinct that is housed in the cultural section of the institutional web page of the organization. This new cultural option presented by the Metro will allow users and the general public to visit the seven exhibition halls from a computer or mobile device.

The invitation is to enter the culture section of the Metro's website and start a virtual tour of the museum through In the virtual tour through the 300 square meters of the museum, cybernauts will have the opportunity to learn about basic aspects of the history of the Metro.

Architectural plans of the stations of Line 1; the arrival of the first trains from France, which disembarked in the port of Veracruz; the first uniforms of the drivers, the first day of service on Line 1, are just some of the aspects that those who take the virtual tour will be able to learn about.

Ticket collectors also have an alternative to admire a vast series of tickets, which outline the history of 52 years of service and its means of toll payment. The iconography of the Metro is also present, with testimonies of Lance Wyman's creation in an avant-garde iconographic concept.

Metro Museum Virtual Tour
Metro Museum Virtual Tour

The Metro Museum is physically located in the Mixcoac station of Line 12. Due to the rehabilitation process of Line 12, the virtual alternative is offered as a window to the culture, history, and art that exists inside the Metro, which can be visited from other latitudes with the ease offered by the Internet.