Mexico City, besieged by organized crime and drug trafficking cells

The dispute between these organized crime groups has left a trail of blood, terror, and death.

Mexico City, besieged by organized crime and drug trafficking cells
Regina street in Mexico City. Image: Agencies

Cells of organized crime and drug trafficking virtually keep the 16 neighborhoods of Mexico City hostage. Their members are fighting for the control of the sale of drugs, weapons, a collection of flat fees, and extortions in all medium and large commercial transactions leaving a high impact on everyday life. Others seize buildings and some "abandoned" buildings. The dispute between these organized crime groups has left a trail of blood, terror, and death.

After the capture of Roberto Moyado Esparza "El Betito", founding leader of the Union, this criminal group was divided into four Unions: The original Union "B"; La Unión Rosa, directed by "El Vaquero" and "La Natalia"; the Rome Union that runs "The Bear"; The Union Tepito that directs the son of the "Grandfather", "El Rachif", the wife of Jorge Ortiz Reyes "El Tanque" and the niece of "El Tanque" whom they have identified as "Josmar".

There is also the criminal group Fuerza Anti Unión Tepito, which runs, Jorge Flores Concha "El Tortas" and his lieutenant "El Comandante T". These groups of organized crime besides being considered as highly dangerous, are dedicated to the sale of drugs and extortion in dens; the collection of the right of flat and invasion of buildings and properties -apparently abandoned in Mexico City- with the complicity of public servants of the mayors' offices, the central government, and personnel of the Public Registry of Property.

Many investigative files against the members of this criminal group can be found in the various prosecutors' offices of the Attorney General's Office of the CDMX; However, for some reason, the investigations do not advance to locate, detain and dismantle these criminal groups that operate 24 hours a day in the 16 mayoralties of the CDMX.

In the southern area of the CDMX operate the criminal groups called "The Rodolfos"; the Tláhuac Cartel and recently the criminal group called "Los Rusos" has already entered. The latter, besides operating in Chalco and Valle de Chalco, is also found in Tláhuac and Xochimilco.

The cartel of Tláhuac is still operating and maintains a dispute over the control of the sale of drugs with these criminal groups. The poster of Tláhuac is now directed by the five sons of Felipe de Jesús Pérez Luna "El Ojos", who was the founding leader of the Tláhuac Cartel, killed by the Navy of Mexico. The children of "El Ojos", the intelligence areas of the local and federal police, have identified as Camila, Samantha, Karen, and their husbands, Gerardo, Diego, and El Sindy. These, have been divided into zones the control of the sale of drugs of Tláhuac. Samanta and Gerardo, control La Conchita and Tempiluli; The Sindy, has controlled the area of the Miguel Hidalgo, Nopalera and the Metropolitan.

Others that are part of this criminal organization are identified as El Toro, El Chucho, El Morin, El Mercedor, La Xochil. This criminal group has links with the Guerreros Unidos cartel and these are the ones that supply you with drugs.

Another group that has been identified by the Attorney General's Office of the CDMX is "Los Molina", which operate in colonies in Iztapalapa, mainly in Culhuacán, where on February 17 they reportedly participated in the bullet attack of nine people, seven of which died in the esplanade and in front of the church of Los Reyes Culhuacán, which maintain a fierce dispute with "Los Rodolfos", incision of the Tláhuac cartel.

Who maintains control of the sale of drugs in the mayor's office of Iztacalco is a man who has been identified as "The Kaiman". In Lindavista, an individual operates who is known as "El Berny" and has Lalo Ruiz as hitmen. In the city hall of Venustiano Carranza, criminal groups are known as "Las Marías" and "Los Negros" operate.

In the Mayoralty of Cuajimalpa, operates a criminal group called "The New Mafia"; in Benito Juárez, a criminal group operates which is known as "The Pacific Cartel" and the one in charge of this criminal group is a subject known as "El Portales".

In addition to these new criminal groups, in Mexico City cells of the Beltrán Leyva cartel cartels have been operating in Tlalpan; in Gustavo A. Madero, La Familia Michoacana; the Cartel of Jalisco New Generation and Knights Templar. In the Miguel Hidalgo area, people from the Juarez Cartel have been operating, through Vicente Carrillo Leyva "El Ingeniero".

These criminal groups in addition to the sale of drugs, extortion, kidnapping, collection of the right of floor, smuggled merchandise, and sale of weapons, is also dedicated to the invasion of buildings and buildings abandoned with the complicity of authorities of the mayors, the government of the CDMX and the Public Registry of Property.

The dispute they have over control of the sale of drugs, extortion, and all kinds of illicit activities has left a trail of blood, terror, and death, mainly executions, decapitated bodies, tortured, dismembered, and riddled with bursts of rifles assault.

The Union of Tepito has extended its networks to the Central Alameda and Chinatown who threatened the merchants with: "If you do not enter we'll give you a lift and we'll bag you", extort money with that kind of violence so that pay traders fee ranging from 200 to 10,000 pesos.

Given this, the complainants point out that "El Betito" continues to operate from inside the Reclusorio Norte through one of his henchmen known as "El Pato" who has been entrusted with the domain of that area of Mexico City.

Sellers pointed out that since the beginning of this new government of Claudia Sheinbaum, the wave of violence such as extortion, invasion of property, uprisings, and threats has increased to such a degree that they have even made known their rules if they do not comply with the demands of the criminal group.

One of them is that, if you refuse to pay the fee the first time, you get a fine of 10 thousand pesos for disobedience, before this the families of the victims have needed to sell belongings or borrow to settle their debts. criminal demands.

"There are people who by just telling them to wait for payment because we have sales, they find you with 10 thousand pesos," said one of those affected who for obvious reasons decided to omit his name.

Other interviewees pointed out that every day this criminal group, in addition to invading properties, have also extended their domains to streets in areas such as Tepito, Morelos, Roma, Condesa, Centro, and now in Alameda Central and Barrio Chino where important government buildings are located. as the Secretary of Foreign Affairs and also of culture as Fine Arts.

The complainants claim that police of the Secretary of Public Safety (SSC) named Fabiola Yasmín "N" is involved in the criminal group, whom they point out as the person who informs and keeps abreast of "El Pato" and his henchmen, who At the same time, according to those affected, they are "El Betito" operators.

In this regard, the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection of CDMX, Jesús Orta Martínez, acknowledged that at least 12 criminal organizations operate in Mexico City.

The police command explained that it is not about posters and some of them are La Unión, Anti Union, the cartel of Tláhuac, Los Rodolfo, Los Molina and La Rosa Nueva.

"In some cases, they have been latent, and in others, they have not been expressing themselves in violence, but we continue to follow up on these groups. Los Molina and Los Rodolfos are the generators of violence in the Culhuacan, "said the police command.

Orta Martinez said that so far the Anti Union has not made itself noticed although it is latent, "the Union" has had a presence in the case of extortion in the case of merchants in the Center of the City.

The police chief explained that they also detected in the cultural corridor organized crime that commits orchestrated operations. "We had three cases in the Cuauhtémoc delegation in Regina 17 in Rome, in the bar La Terraza where they were sent 25. In Circunvalación y Manzanares with the same modus operandi, they are investigating and we are talking with the Attorney General because the Public Ministry left them free ".

The head of the Secretariat of Public Safety (SSC) mentioned that the head of government asked him and the attorney, Ernestina Godoy Rangel to strengthen the coordination.

"It was about arrests that were made in flagrante delicto, they were very clear cases and still let them go," the official said. "It is about orchestrated operatives, the person who was wounded in Circunvalación and Manzanares told us that he is hired as a shipper for the spoils. In Regina, they entered and began to weld inside the business, without issues that concern us and occupy us ".

When asked if it is theft committed by the Union but there are indications that this is the case even if they have not confirmed. "We have indications, the same owners have said that in the threats they have been indicated."

The command said it had already held a meeting with the mayor of Cuauhtémoc to implement a strategy to combat vehicle theft, passerby, and business and agreed to reinforce the police presence.

On the issue of extortions drop by drop mentioned that they already have 12 cases of bands of Colombians who work for The Union although it is a topic, said to be checked.

"The arrests are made in flagrant thanks to the fact that people have already started to denounce these cases through the Citizen Council of Public Security and Procurement of Justice," said the head of the Secretariat for Citizen Security of the CDMX, Jesús Orta Martínez.