Mexico City will install 360-degree vision cameras, which will have a facial recognition system. The Command, Control, Computing, Communications and Citizen Contact Center of Mexico City (C5) was created on June 22, 2009, under the name of the Emergency and Citizen Protection Center of Mexico City (CAEPCMM).

The process of installing the cameras had two stages, the first in 2009 where 8 thousand 88 cameras, servers, and security systems platforms were installed; and the second phase was carried out in 2014 in which 7 thousand cameras were installed.

Thus, as part of the security strategy of the Government of Mexico City, through the C5 of Mexico City, they present the technological transformation plan of the Center. In which it is contemplated the replacement of cameras of 3 thousand 600 existing posts, to move from a camera with a range of 56 degrees by devices with 5 cameras that will cover 360 degrees of vision, so there will be virtually no blind spots.

100 new poles equipped with 5 cameras, loudspeakers, and distress buttons will be installed in areas of greater incidence to increase coverage. That is, there will be 18 thousand 500 new cameras in 3 thousand 700 poles. In addition, 497 new help buttons will be placed resulting in the 3 thousand 700 poles operated with a button.

The storage capacity will be increased in the new cameras from 7 to 30 days, helping to preserve relevant information for investigations. Currently, the speed of the links of the cameras is in process of migration, from 2 Mbps to 20 Mbps, which will increase the flow to improve the quality of the image by 400 percent and facilitate the installation of free WIFI.

The project will be subject to national public tender, the bases will be published on June 24, 2019, and the bidding decision will be announced on July 24 of the same year. The technological renovation of the C5 will be implemented with the maximum date on December 31, 2019, and the project has a budget of 960 million pesos with VAT.

Likewise, in the framework of the Conecta y Acerca project, where the aim is to connect the incident management and video surveillance systems of the mayoralties and individuals to the C5 of Mexico City, the Center, in conjunction with the ADIP, generates a digital catalog to provide technological solutions of vigilance and alert to improve the surveillance and security services of our communities.

Technological solutions seek the creation of a technical and operational model in which private businesses and homes of the population can have the means to alert authorities in real-time about crimes or emergencies, leaving evidence of what happened through systems of video surveillance certificates, as well as reducing response times.

In June 2019, a technical committee will publish the standard to which the products and solutions to be offered must adhere, as well as the bases to participate and register the products in the digital catalog.