Coronavirus does not affect the Mexico-China trade relationship


The growth of the Mexican economy does not have to be affected by the situation of Coronavirus in China, and is that growth has been consistent 10% per year of trade with the Asian country, said the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Technology, Mexico-China, Amapola Grijalba.

"Today more than ever Mexico must take its rightful place, and that is because we are the second-largest trading partner of the world's economy (the United States) and in that field, we can offer much more to the whole world. He also reported that about 10 Chinese companies (3 or 4 of them in the automotive sector), are interested in coming to Mexico.

The announcement of CAMFI 2020, annual calendar of trade missions and international fairs, was made by Canacintra, Anierm, Concanaco, and partners, to generate new synergies through trade missions and international fairs to diversify the economy and help SMEs in accessing new international markets.

The leaders of 20 business organizations, chambers of commerce and national and international institutions presented to the business community, in the Industrial Club, the calendar as a working tool, made by experts in bringing portfolios of Mexican products, where new members, new politicians, new promoters of international trade, can go to increase their customer portfolios and increase trade and services.

"This will allow them to reach markets more easily, especially to small and medium enterprises, and this initiative is open to all organizations that want to join efforts, public and private companies interested in promoting trade and investment in international markets and know the best destinations to grow business and create successful initiatives, said Julio Rodriguez, national vice president of foreign trade and international relations of the Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra).

They explained that the main purpose is to stop depending, as today 80% of foreign trade with the United States and that while the Embassies of Mexico form the new commercial aggregates, at that time we can not lose opportunities as a country.

They will focus their efforts through a network of 375 initial points of contact, to strengthen sectors such as agriculture; a business that is growing but lacks professionalism, the automotive industry; which is a powerhouse and can grow more agile and in the aerospace sector; to follow projects such as the first Mexican plane that is in sight for the next few years.

Representatives of chambers of commerce and business from: Hong Kong, Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Dominican Republic and EuroAsia, among others.


Chinese businessmen are interested in investing in Mexico, said the Deputy Director-General of Issuance and International Relations of Bancomext, Miguel Sergio Siliceo Valdespino.

He said that Veracruz because of its potential is an entity that will attract investment so it is necessary to generate conditions to realize the projects.

"Due to the China-Mexico trade war, some companies are considering changing their production plants to Mexico, since they are limited in their exports of products directly to the United States. Because of the coronavirus, there has been no direct relationship but there are companies that have closed in the central region of China.

Most Chinese companies are suppliers to the automotive industry.

He considered that Mexico will begin to have a more dynamic economy and urged the Veracruz businessmen who want to send products to that and other countries to resort to international invoicing with which it obtains working capital in advance.

"Given the situation that the world is experiencing today, such as the Free Trade Agreement, already signed, there is still an important engine in the north of the country and today the trade war in China is a great business opportunity for Mexicans because many foreign companies are thinking of moving to Mexico.

He recalled that at present there are public policy instruments to promote growth in the country, such as development banking which is made up of different entities such as Banjercito, Bansefi, Banco del Bienestar, among others.

Through the development bank, they will seek to promote different activities to shore up the internal market. Even Bancomext financed some time ago infrastructure projects in Panama.

He reiterated the commitment of the organization he represents to continue financing projects.