Mexico at CES 2019: 50 companies that will participate in the technology fair in Las Vegas


Among the requirements that companies had to meet was the already have marketing of the product or service, have the potential to trade internationally, and belong to the industry 4.0, this is to have somehow association with artificial intelligence, internet of things, robotics , 3D printing, virtual reality, nanotechnology, cybersecurity, big data or blockhain.

Appgricola is a device that allows producers to know in real time different soil conditions for sowing, in order to anticipate unfavorable conditions. Part of the business of Earth-iot also focuses on the producers of the field, and guarantees them greater efficiency by up to 60 percent in the use of their resources, as well as the consequent reduction in environmental footprint.

On the other hand, Arvolution implements virtual and augmented reality to manage resources in factories and plants, reducing losses. Black Light, on the other hand, is a platform to offer companies services to guarantee the supply chain, ranging from remote audits, to backing up information in the cloud.

Bundy App is an app from Guadalajara to order food with associated restaurants in order to avoid ranks; and as its name anticipates, Colibrí 3D offers printers and software for printing in third dimension.

Emot Engineering focuses on the sale of state-of-the-art medical equipment for offices and hospitals and Evolutel has a broad-based business portfolio, offering everything from connectivity products (mail servers, firewall and IP telephony) to tools such as voice biometrics, monitoring networks and computer security.

Gasgen Tech is a company that offers a simple and useful solution: a wireless meter to always check the levels of LP gas. Giga Li-Fi on the other hand offers different solutions to use light as a data transmission vehicle, and specializes in its use for industries.

Hapinss Mexico uses virtual reality to integrate it into a platform that allows workers to relax during their work hours. It works by showing scenarios to users and the solution is complemented with a detailed record for human resources, in order to account in detail the benefits obtained with the anti-stress session.

Imaatech on the other hand was born in the National Polytechnic Institute as a system to develop a three motor for electric bicycles. The fully loaded device could allow a 180-minute run at a speed of more than 20 kilometers per hour.

Indi Ingeniería y Diseño has been supported in the past by ITESM, and focuses on interfaces between machines and humans, whether for marketing, development and research purposes, or entertainment. Inncomex on the other hand is dedicated to educational solutions of the most varied, can be computational tools and robotics, but also digital classrooms, machinery, and content software.

Inventoteca is a company originally from Puebla, and is dedicated to the sale of equipment and parts of commuting, robotics, teaching workshops and courses in 3D printing, programming and mechatronics. The approach of Laidetec with robotics is something different: the company incubated at the UNAM is building robots that make it possible to simplify everyday activities and want to build an android capable of receiving orders.

Back to the tasks focused on solving business problems, Myadtech distinguishes itself from the competition because it integrates virtual reality into its platform. More products for mechatronic applications, the internet of things and courses and certifications is what Nomada Industries does. Precisely in the ecosystem of IoT is also NXTIoT, with solutions to make resources more efficient in different industries.

Prysmex's main objective is safety in construction, for which it uses workers' helmets as wearables, which allows to visualize the workers with just a few clicks, carry action plans, detailed reports, maintenance reports and notify any potentially insecurity.

Roomie It whose sales promise is to generate business systems for each client based on technological resources; Something similar does SmartSoft, which also has a department dedicated to the development of mobile games.

Kenko focuses on the health sector to design electronic and industrial software, which includes electrical diagrams and process flows. Verse Technology focuses its market field on sowing solutions, with the help of devices that evaluate water quality in real time, optimizes irrigation systems and monitors temperature and humidity.

Finally, Strap Technology's goal is that people with visual disabilities reach full independence with the help of their wearable, which sends alerts in case there is a nearby object, this in order to avoid shocks.

The rest of the Mexican companies that will be at CES 2019 are AI Beyond The Future, Corporate Medical Dental GtILBERT, Energy and Information, Strong Currency Group, Interevolution, ITESO, Ruva Crystal Materials, Ilimita Materials, Mobile IoT Latam, Quantum Code, Reality Augmented and Geolocation, Setenal, Digital Immersive Systems, 3D Biomedical Solutions and as an independent goes José Carlos Rivera Torres.

With informattion from: Xataca