Mexico and Canada celebrate 75 years of relationship


Both Mexico and Canada celebrate their 75th anniversary and throughout this time there has been a boost for both nationalities.

Mexico and Canada celebrate 75 years of relationship
Mexico and Canada celebrate 75 years of relationship

The 75th anniversary between Mexico and Canada is celebrated and the Aztec country's greatest interest is to expand the spaces of complementarity that strengthen bilateral cooperation.

Annually about 2 million Canadian tourists visit Mexico however in Canada about a thousand Mexican tourists are received daily, thanks to the elimination of the visa by the Canadian government.

"A clear shared objective is that Mexicans continue to benefit from the elimination of the Canadian visa and that more Canadians enjoy our enormous natural and cultural wealth," said Jesus Seade, Assistant Secretary for Foreign Affairs for North America.

In Canada more than 20 Mexicans are employed annually, thanks to the Temporary Agricultural Workers Program (PTAT).

Similarly, about 100 thousand Mexicans reside in Canada, being the second largest Mexican community abroad, after the United States, and that 60 thousand Canadians reside permanently in Mexico.

"This celebration reaffirms the pride that Mexicans feel to have a nation like the Canadian as a friend and ally," concluded Seade.

For his part, the Ambassador of Canada in Mexico, Pierre Alarie, wrote in his Twitter account "Today we celebrate 75 years of being friends, partners and allies. I'm excited to see how the relationship gets stronger every day. "