England is one of the countries that Mexicans would have preferred to conquer Mexico, as revealed in a survey conducted by De Las Heras Demotecnia. The survey was conducted among Mexicans this September. For this procedure effective interviews were conducted, which yielded the following results.

How happy are you to be Mexican?

52% of the respondents answered that they would have liked to be born in another country, while 48% said they are happy being Mexican.

How independent would you say Mexico is today?

40% of respondents revealed that Mexico is an independent country today with a rating of 1 to 5, 26% gave a rating of 6 and 7, while 20% answered with a rating of 8 and 9 that Mexico is an independent country today.

How much do you like living in Mexico?

43% of Mexicans answered that they "like it, but sometimes they would like to live somewhere else", while 24% answered that they "like it very much, it is where they want to live".

Of the following words, which one do you think is most associated with Mexico worldwide?

23% of respondents said that the word most associated with Mexico is "corruption", while a close 22% said "mariachis".

Do you think Spain should apologize to Mexico, or not?

57% of Mexicans said that the European country should not apologize to Mexico, while 31% answered that Spain should apologize to Mexico.

Why do you think President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is asking Spain to apologize to Mexico for the conquest?

65% of respondents said that "it distracts attention from important issues and increases his popularity", while 20% said that "yes, it is fair for Spain to apologize for the abuses committed".

If you could choose the country that conquered Mexico, would you choose Spain again or would you choose another country?

28% of Mexicans would have preferred England to conquer Mexico, 14% responded that they preferred the United States, while 11% would have chosen France as the conqueror of the country.