About Mexican writer Enrique Serna

Enrique Serna, Mexican writer, author of "El seductor de la patria", "Uno soñaba que era rey", "El orgasmógrafo", among others. The writer Gabriel García Márquez chooses him as one of his favorite authors of short stories.

About Mexican writer Enrique Serna
Enrique Serna receives the Bellas Artes Xavier Villaurrutia Award for Writers for Writers 2019. Image: Cultura

The biography of Erique Serna, one of the greatest writers of all Mexico begins on January 11, 1959, in that Mayan land blessed by God, known as one of the great writers of biographies of famous and renowned people in the society of the XXI century. He is known for his awards, which bear the names of "Premio Mazatlan en Literatura" which he won for his excellent literary work "El Seductor de la Patria de Enrique Serna" and "Premio de Narrativa Colima" which he won for his book "Ángeles y Abismos de Enrique Serna".

The author did not stop with these two works of literature, he wrote many other novels and short stories that made him reach the top, being on par with renowned writers throughout Mexico and the world, nourishing the souls of people of all ages. The clearest example of those books of stories and novels that gave him fame and honors in society was "Fruto Verde de Enrique Serna" and "El Matadito de Enrique Serna", which contain unique and special stories that involve even the most casual reader.

This writer studied at one of the most prestigious universities in Mexico, known for being the cradle of writers and journalists capable of changing the thinking of society, being the UNAM where his professional career is more and nothing less than Hispanic letters, illustrious and recognized career among writers around the world. The genres covered by his books are diverse, but they always touch the soul fibers of anyone with the joy of reading his most outstanding masterpieces.

This great writer was always surrounded from the beginning by people from the world of Hispanic languages, as well as unique writers who consider him more than a friend, but as a member of his family, being among these the illustrious Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who while he was alive gave him his friendship and appreciation, as well as in the creation of his award-winning anthology for years, includes in its content Serna with great appreciation. This event in 2003 generated many positive reviews that would make both men appreciated by society.

Narrative dialogues in books are well known to be Serna's forte, of which he has a long list of books of this type that have made society improve little by little, his books always full of his personal touch characterize his being, as an integral man, who can be held in high esteem and respect. In recent years, to be more exact in the year 2019 this bastion of literature received an excellent award, called "Award for Excellence in Literature José Emilio Pacheco" received with much honor and affection for this.