In Mexico 40% of men suffer mistreatment committed by women


Males can also be victims of mistreatment by women. In Mexico, 4 out of 10 men suffer some type of violence perpetrated by a woman. According to the Collective Men Without Violence, which released the figures, only 4% filed complaints.

Only 4% of males affected by any type of violence filed complaints
Only 4% of males affected by any type of violence filed complaints

"It is a question of submission, that is what the violent counterpart wants, be it man or woman, they want to have control, they want to have the person subject to their disposition," said psychologist Beatriz Sepúlveda to Foro TV.

According to experts, among the causes for which a man is mistreated are:

Lower labor hierarchy

The economic income of the couple is higher

Have a disability

Does not have work or is dedicated to the home

Since childhood he has suffered violence

To hide the marks of the blows, such as scrapes or bruises, they lie saying they were hit with a drawer in the eye, beaten in an assault or scratched by a cat.

But beyond the injuries, there are also deep emotional marks. Not only are there physical affectations, but also psychological ones. The latter tend to be the worst.

Even for privacy, they can take advantage of demanding other things in return. This can also be considered as mistreatment against males.

The psychologist stated that, regardless of men or women, violence is the same in both genders and has to be denounced. At certain levels the attention of specialists becomes necessary.