Mexican Stock Exchange acquires financial messaging platform

Swift's AMH will allow Indeval, which is part of the Mexican Stock Exchange, financial messaging operations and receive confirmations through global standards.

Instituto Central para el Depósito de Valores (Indeval), part of Grupo Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV), acquired the Alliance Messaging Hub (AMH) platform from Swift, a cooperative that provides financial messaging services worldwide; it also joined the CSD Community Price Agreement (CCO).

In a statement, it was reported that Swift's AMH will allow Indeval to conduct its financial messaging operations and receive all types of confirmations through global standards.

Its entry into the force required the joint work of Indeval and Swift to achieve the integration of AMH with the DALI securities deposit, administration, and settlement system.

By joining SWIFT's CSD Community Price Agreement, Mexico joins 88 of the world's largest central securities depository institutes, including Spain, Germany, and Austria.

Indeval's adherence to Swift's CSD Community Price Agreement service will incentivize operations through protocols that optimize straight-through processing, reducing costs and risks, while promoting market standardization for financial messages in Mexico and the region with the universal adoption of ISO international standards for financial messaging.

"This is an important milestone that allows us, together with Swift, to strengthen our regional competitiveness and improve market connectivity. With the adoption of AMH and the union of the CSD Community Price Agreement service, the Mexican financial industry joins the international communication standards and protocols, with the possibility of establishing businesses in a more cost-effective manner," said Roberto González Barrera, CEO of Indeval.

"Indeval's acquisition of the Alliance Messaging Hub represents a major investment that helps ensure high availability and quality of service to the participants of the securities depository. In this way, Indeval modernizes its technological infrastructure, as well as the offer of communication services of the community with an international impact, sending a call to other participants to be at the forefront," said Ignacio Blanco, executive director of Swift for Latin America and the Caribbean.

By Mexicanist Source Press release

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