Singer Luis Miguel, 50 years of El Sol de México

Luis Miguel became the first Mexican to break the Spotify download record, with music tracks that are still playing after 20 years. The news was given by the singer himself.

Singer Luis Miguel, 50 years of El Sol de México
The official poster of the Luis Miguel series on Netflix. Image: Netflix

Luis Miguel turns 50 after overcoming legal problems and seeing his figure reborn thanks to a biographical series and the album " México por Siempre ", but there will be no celebrations for " El Sol de México ", who is spending the quarantine alone and away from his social networks as usual, where lately he has only put one message: " Quédate en casa ".

Far from his girlfriend, Mollie Gould, and his family, Luis Miguel will reach the half-century in solitude, according to local media, since he is spending the quarantine on his yacht, anchored in Miami. The coronavirus pandemic is affecting everyone and Luis Miguel, despite being a beloved figure by many, is not spared.

"Apparently he's fine... like everyone else, confined by this situation but physically well. I see him well, hopefully and everything that has to come from now on with half a century of age is for the better," Javier Leon, author of the book "Luis Mi Rey", told EFE.

Since 2018, Luis Miguel's musical career has been on the rise thanks to the production of his life, starring a successful Diego Boneta, who has revived his greatest hits such as "Cuando calienta el sol" and "Culpable o no", whose context is known for the first time in the series.

In 2017, when it was announced that his biographical series would be released through Netflix in 2018, the artist released his first album in 7 years, " México por siempre!", which resulted in a world tour of almost two years with which he was again in contact with people.

At that time, his longtime fans were able to see him again on stage and he also won many young fans who watched his series and fell in love with his story and later with his voice. In spite of the problems that occurred during his tour, such as an attack on a sound person, some concerts without full seats and complaints from the audience about the singer's energy and voice, Luis Miguel successfully toured dozens of countries.

On November 19, 2018, he gave a concert at the National Auditorium in Mexico City where part of the audience complained about his strange way of acting and his flight from the stage in the middle of some songs. So: Is Luis Miguel taking advantage of the success that came back into his life with the series and the album?

"At the moment he obviously took advantage of it in the short term in 2018 with that rescue plan that went hand in hand with the series. It was seen that he knew how to take advantage of the opportunity but he has to have continuity, I think we have to wait a little bit to see it," said Leon. In addition, he considered that the artist is living in the same situation of uncertainty as many people because of the pandemic and said he does not know if the plans to release an album from the tour are still in progress.

Regardless of the success and problems of Luis Miguel's last years, the sales figures of his albums and everything related to him, confirm that he has a special talent.

"He has impressive talent, a wonderful voice, and the kind of talent that very few people have. Very few artists are touched by a kind of magic wand. He has this luck and privilege of being gifted with that talent, it is not a coincidence that he manages to stay for so many years", said the writer. In the end, Luis Miguel is celebrating his 50th birthday, and with a musical career that has spanned almost 40 years - 38 since his first album - he continues to be on everyone's lips and followed by people from all over the planet, despite the ups and downs.

"I believe that his name will always be written with golden letters in the historic ranks of Spanish music and therefore I think that his contribution, plus what's left over, is to be applauded and is totally legendary," he said.

The singer, born in 1970 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is at a crucial moment as he reaches his 50th birthday, an age that neither of his parents reached. His father was Spanish artist Luisito Rey, who died in 1992, and his mother, Italian Marcela Basteri, who disappeared in 1986, an event that marked the artist's life.

When he was very young, after a television appearance accompanied on guitar by his father, Luis Miguel performed with great success at the wedding of the daughter of Mexican President José López Portillo, in 1981, when he was 11 years old, which helped him to get his first recording contract with the EMI company.

In 1982, at the age of 12, he made his debut with the album "Un sol", and that same year he released "Directo al corazón". In 1983 he published his third album, "Decídete", although the definitive success came with "Palabra de honor", which includes the ballad that gives the album its title, an album that he would release in an Italian version a year later. Throughout his career, he has recorded 29 albums and won more than 120 awards.

Undoubtedly, Luis Miguel is an icon of Spanish-language music who, both because of his vocal quality and the fact that he likes to share his private life and how much it interests him, has managed to keep the eye on millions of people who will support him until the very last day.

Luis Miguel breaks Spotify record

Luis Miguel became the first Mexican to break the Spotify download record, with music tracks that are still current after 20 years. The news was given by the singer himself through his Instagram account, where he has more than 1 million followers. Luis Miguel, on his social network, shared that he is the first Mexican artist to surpass 5,000,000,000 downloads of his songs. He is also the third Latin artist to obtain this distinction.

Meanwhile, Warner Music Mexico shared this achievement and provided an album from the aforementioned music platform that includes several of the singer's hits such as 'Hasta que me olvides", "Culpable o no", "Suave", "Qué nivel de mujer", "Tengo todo excepto a ti" and others, which are part of the list.

Singer Luis Miguel shared that he reached 5 billion downloads on Spotify, becoming the first Mexican singer to have so many downloads. He also reported that the song 'Ahora te puedes marcharse' (1987), is considered one of the best sellers worldwide, as it has generated earnings of USD 364,335 and is a song that has been played on Spotify 278,435,662 times, reported QUIEN magazine.