Mexican National Anthem authorised to be interpreted in the Mayan language


Yucatan received official authorization so that the Mexican National Anthem could be interpreted in ceremonial acts in the peninsular Mayan language, which is considered by the local authorities as a great step in the dignification of the native ethnic group of this region and the preservation of its culture.

Other native languages that have also been authorized to interpret the National Anthem are Nahuatl, Mixtec, Tzeltal and Zapotec.
Other native languages that have also been authorized to interpret the National Anthem are Nahuatl, Mixtec, Tzeltal and Zapotec.

In the framework of the ceremony for International Mother Language Day and International Year of Indigenous Languages, Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal said that the Mayan language is a source of pride for all Yucatecans, so it must be protected and preserved. with defence, promotion and development actions.

In the event, held at the Mayamax Hall of the Great Museum of the Mayan World of Mérida, Vila Dosal also indicated that it will propose that the Mayan language be an official language in the state in order to be a bilingual, Spanish-Mayan / Mayan-Spanish state, and guarantee its preservation.

"Among the first actions to achieve our goal, highlights that from the Indemaya worked to get the Authorization and Registration before the Ministry of the Interior of the translation and interpretation of the Mexican National Anthem to the peninsular Mayan language and today I am pleased share with you that the request has been duly authorized and registered, "he said.

The holder of the Executive Power indicated that in Yucatan, the Mayan language is a living language because according to information from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), 30.3 percent of the population of Yucatán speaks an indigenous language.

Of this percentage, 537 thousand 618 people speak Mayan, which positions the state as the second federal entity with the highest percentage of the population that speaks an indigenous language, surpassed only by Oaxaca, which has 33.8 percent.

Other native languages that have also been authorized to interpret the Mexican National Anthem are Nahuatl, Mixtec, Tzeltal and Zapotec, among the most important.

The celebration of the International Mother Language Day was also the framework to recognize the work of five people who have contributed to strengthening the Mayan language from different areas such as poetry, sculpture, linguistics and public service.

The honorees were Araceli Cab Cumí, poet and defender of Women, Lorenza Villa Arredondo, sculptor and engraver, Fidencio Briceño Chel, linguist and cultural promoter, Faustino Tutzin Itzá, painter and landscape painter and Francisco Luna Kan, public servant and former governor of Yucatán.

"We are aware of the different challenges facing the indigenous population in the state. 58.7 percent of the population in indigenous municipalities live in poverty. That is why, through the Social Infrastructure Fund for Entities, we are going to invest approximately 220 million pesos to strengthen the fight against deficiencies, "he said.

This investment, which will be applied in different regions of the state, part of the benefits will reach the areas where indigenous communities are developed, in order to provide access to basic services in housing, with works to expand the electricity grid, water potable, roads sacacosechas, firm floors, bedrooms, bathrooms and ecological kitchens.

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