The Mexican Máximo González hopes to take advantage of the opportunity offered by the league through the International Player Pathway Pro Day to try to make a place on the roster of a team. The Mexican emerged from Borregos del Tec de Monterrey participated successfully in the international tests organized by the NFL as part of the program that leads the league.

The New York Jets, Tennessee Titans, and Oakland Raiders showed interest in the Mexican defense, even the latter asked him if he would like to be part of the bad guys, although no player had a formal interview with the NFL teams.

"I felt very good in Pro Day, I participated in drills for defensive lineman and linebacker," said Máximo González in an NFL statement.

"If he manages to be part of the program, his learning in a new position will be decisive," said Mexican scout Ian Rountree. "His experience playing the sport is important and he does not record serious injuries in his career." Gonzalez registered an official 4.69 extra, according to the scouts of 14 NFL teams that met at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers facilities.

"Máximo was the best defensive player, I was struck by his physical form and the speed he showed in the tests," said coach Carlos Altamirano of Borregos Monterrey who was present in Tampa.

If any of the players are not selected, he will have the opportunity to sign as a free agent with any team, after his time at the IMG Academy where Máximo González developed skills, including as part of special teams. The NFL International Player Pathway program will recruit four players who will be part of the practice teams of the Eastern Division of the American Conference so that Maximo Gonzalez would have ample opportunities to call in the Jets, Patriots, Bills, or Dolphins.

"The Jets scout set his sights on Máximo González and the Brazilian Durval Neto, whom he considered to be the two best prospects and he is confident that they can be, which would be extraordinary for Mexican football," Altamirano warned.

González Sánchez measured 1.89 meters and weighed 110 kilograms, registering 14% body fat, three months before he weighed 105 kilos and reduced his measures to gain muscle mass in the transition to play as an outside linebacker, while in Mexico he played as a defensive end. The last to play in the NFL emerged from a Mexican league was Shayne Skov, a defense that had action with special teams.

"One of my strengths has been to quickly learn the plays and I have worked a lot in pass coverage since the coaches have asked me to make that transition in the position," said Máximo, who is the Mexican with the most matches in the national football team. "I have a lot of time to know him and his evolution as an athlete was notorious for the scouts because of his speed, the size of his hands," said Altamirano.