A Mexican company that for 38 years has specialized in "the management of human capital", GINgroup, acquired 20.6 percent of the newspaper El Economista de España, founded 13 years ago and that in addition to its printed version in that country has digital editions in Mexico as well as in Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Colombia.

The transaction is not the first one that GINgroup carries out in the media, as the purchase of more than a fifth of the share capital of El Economista, different from the one of the same name that is published here, is added to another 16 brands that the company has acquired. through its GINmedia division in different platforms, whether digital, printed, or by radio and television.

Previously, for example, he bought Travel Channel and Salud TV, two pay television channels that are broadcast in Mexico and Latin America with programs on health, welfare, or tourism, and also holds the ownership of Playboy magazine in Mexico.

With the purchase of El Economista, founded by Juan González and Gregorio Peña (El Mundo) in February 2006 and with a workforce of 130 people, "GINgroup, through GINmedia, takes a firm step in the internationalization of its publishing business and it is consolidated as one of the most important multimedia groups in Mexico and Latin America with an impact of tens of millions of people as audiences, "the company praised through a press release.

Raúl Beyruti Sánchez, president of the corporate, said that the 16 brands acquired by GINgroup, which already reach an audience of over 16 million people, will become "a multiplatform that offers high quality and added value content in the sectors of health, entertainment, technology, education, food, among others ".

On its website, GIN MEDIA offers "tailor-made publications" with the full development of the concept of the publication, the platform of topics, contents, sections, and editorial formats, as well as the design and also "the speech and tone of the communication "

He also lists 14 magazines that he has, mainly dedicated to women, cooking, sports, and cars. Playboy stands out, but it also has the magazines Futbol Total, Grupero, Mujer de 10, Luvan, Where to go, Open, Bleu, El influeyente, AutoBild, Diabetes, Cocina Vital, Gourmet de México, Human Capital Universe, as well as IDC Asesor Fiscal, Legal and Labor.

It also has a platform called Diabetes, together for you, where it offers subscribers that for annual membership experts in that disease will provide advice and medical consultations for video calls 24 hours a day all week, and discounts in medical laboratories. These 14 magazines, the aforementioned television channels, and the Diabetes platform are now joined by the newspaper El Economista de España.

GINgroup defines itself as "a Mexican company specialized in the integral management of human capital, with more than 38 years of experience in creating solutions that make the management of the personnel of a company more efficient" and that has contributed to 180 thousand jobs in Mexico. through the staff that manages their clients. " It also operates in the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Spain, Canada, Peru and in the cities of Miami, Los Angeles, New York, and Houston, in the United States, and intends to expand its operations to Paraguay, Chile, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Italy,

In the corporate in general, GINgroup announces in its "brands" companies that are engaged in different, contrasting turns, such as the private security company Batiatus, the public accounting firm BNM, the financial company Financial Business, the company audio and video GME, the consultancy in computer systems Axen, the company Pago Fácil, the portal of online education UGIN, the gym Sportway, the travel agency Tradytec, the clinic Sports Clinic, the Maple Bear school, the marketing company Grupo CTP or the GIN Medical Center. The firm claims to have 2 thousand experts in different practices, 11 operating centers, 8 thousand 500 prospective clients, 70 branches, 10 thousand employees, and 50 subsidiaries.