A group of young people from Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, are developing a video game called 'Axol' that seeks to raise awareness about the preservation of the axolotl, one of the endemic species of Mexico and currently in danger of extinction.  Axol is a video game created by Ra6tZ Studio - made up of 12 young people and led by Narcizo Alejo who began to develop the product from a school project, which demanded to create a title that could be released to the market.

The young people, students of video game engineering at the Centro Universitario de la Costa, shared the idea through social networks looking for financial support to develop the project and, after going viral, launched a campaign at Kickstarter to raise funds, a goal they achieved last February 12 with 36,152 pesos.

What is Axol about?

The main theme that the video game addresses is the pollution caused by human beings and the havoc it wreaks on our environment. The enemies of the game are corrupted by it.

The game stars Axi, an axolotl who leads the rest of his species with his charisma and dedication.

However, one day the predators of the lake where he lives, as well as the pre-Hispanic gods, are corrupted by the pollution and they decide to kidnap all the axolotls, spreading them throughout the various stages of the Mexican Republic. Axi will have to travel through the 32 entities of the Republic to free the pre-Hispanic gods from their corruption and bring their friends back home.

The development of 'Axol' has the support of the Museo del Ajolote that is about to open in Mexico City (still without an exact opening date) and the members of Ra6tZ have expressed in multiple interviews that if the video game is successful, they will donate part of the profits to the conservation of the species.

The axolotl, emblematic of the Xochimilco wetlands, has had a significant decline in population since the late 1970s, partly due to pollution as it is a very sensitive animal. By 2014 there were only 36 axolotls per square kilometer, according to a census conducted by the Institute of Biology of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

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