Aeromar aims beyond Covid-19 with new routes and cargo service

The Mexican airline Aeromar is preparing the opening of 9 routes, 8 in the interior of the country and one to Laredo, Texas, once the sanitary contingency for the Covid-19 is overcome, as well as the beginning of the cargo transport service.

Aeromar intends moving forward with new routes and cargo service
Aeromar intends moving forward with new routes and cargo service

The international route was already announced before the pandemic, but it has had to be postponed for the same reason, while the national routes are under analysis so they cannot be confirmed.

Other measures that they have applied to contain the impact of the crisis with measures in three axes: protection to the people, by means of the provision of protection and cleaning equipment, sanitization of the units with chlorine, as well as the remote work in 70% of its staff.

The second axis is to keep the business operational, by offering 20% of the capacity offered before the contingency, with an average occupation of between 30 and 50%. In 2019, its occupation factor was 42.1%.

To attract more revenue Aeromar prepares a program of long-term advance purchases, called Aeromar passport, with which travelers can travel as many times as they want in the rest of the year for a single amount.

By Mexicanist