Huawei would turn Merida into a smart city

The Chinese company Huawei will implement its technology, focused on having smart cities, in Mérida.

Huawei to turn Mérida into a smart city. Image: Pixabay
Huawei to turn Mérida into a smart city. Image: Pixabay

Part of the technology that would be applied in the Yucatan capital is the facial recognition system in places of high concentration, sensors that monitor the decibels of noise, automatically turn on the luminaires and control garbage cans, as well as invest in clean energy projects , among other things, as part of the eight letters of intention signed by the City of Mérida in its recent visit to that country.

Huawei is opening up to other markets and products, focusing its technology and investment in research towards the transformation of smart cities, such as the use of drones to monitor certain trouble spots in cities, cameras, park garbage dumps or sensors in the covers of register in the streets to know when it was broken and act immediately.

Representatives of the Chinese company will visit Mérida in August to make a diagnosis because they are interested in taking Mérida as a model city of this new technology. In November, the commune will open an office for Asian tourism.

In Shanghai, another agreement of understanding was signed with a clean energy company that intends to invest around 150 million dollars in Merida.

The capital of Yucatan can be a model city to implement Huawei technology and could explore the possibility of using it as one of the smart cities in Mexico.