What you should know to enjoy the Merida Carnival 2019

Carnival begins with all the spirit of its sovereigns, the dancers of the comparsas and the colourful allegorical cars.

If this is the first time that you join the Carnival celebrations of Mérida or you attend each year with family and friends, here is information you need to know to enjoy the celebration that this year.

Schedule in Plaza Carnaval

Friday, March 1 "Parade of Corso", starts at 8:30 p.m.

Saturday, March 2 "Parade of Fantasy", starts at 8:00 p.m.

Sunday, March 3 "Parade of Bachata", starts at 1:00 p.m.

Monday, March 4 "Regional Parade", starts at 8:00 p.m.

Tuesday, March 5 "Battle of the flowers", starts at 1:00 p.m.

Access to concerts

At the end of the tours, the party will continue at Plaza Carnaval with the concerts of the invited artists that will be presented on the stage of the Montejo Show Center.

Access to the concerts will be free but you will need to present your ticket, which was previously delivered at the distribution points indicated above.

However, people who did not manage to obtain it will be able to stand in line and if space allows it, they will have access to the concert.

The presentation of the singers will begin at 10:30 in the evening, in the case of Sunday and Tuesday the concerts will begin at 6 o'clock in the afternoon.

Friday, March 1: The rhythm partners with Alexander Acha and Big Metra.

Saturday, March 2: Juanes.

Sunday, March 3: Joey Montana.

Tuesday, March 5: Matute and Limbo Beach.

Alternate activities

In addition to the parade and concerts, there will be alternative activities for you to enjoy with the whole family. The show "Sounds of the heart" and "Mayá and the seed of wisdom" will be presented from Friday 1 to Tuesday 5 March; they will be in the Exhibition Hall Zone and in the Charro Canvas, respectively. Both with two functions on Friday and three functions on the remaining days.

The regional comedy will also be present with the show of the "Payadzules", the humour of "Ruperta Pérez Sosa" and the performance of "Cocotazo", the King of Carnival.

How to get to Plaza Carnaval?

Plaza Carnaval is located in the Xmatkuil police station and to get there by car either from the City Center or via Periferico, you must take 50th Street to the south. Access to the parking will be free.

You can also choose a taxi service; taking as a starting point the Center of Merida, the trip is between 80 and 100 pesos.

Due to the demand, it is very probable that the traffic is slower than normal, take your precautions and if you have a vehicle, designate a driver who does not drink alcoholic drinks in order not to jeopardize the safety of your family and friends.

Free public transport

There will be free public transport and all those who wish to attend can go to the points from where the units will depart towards Plaza Carnaval:

Centre on 69th street between 60 and 58, Plaza El Patio Mérida, Plaza Canek and the Municipal Palace parking lot (63rd street between 62 and 6). This last bus stop will be exclusively for seniors and people with disabilities, women, girls and boys.

Tips to enjoy the Carnival of Merida

Go with comfortable clothes and shoes because being a large space with various attractions, you will surely have to walk to explore the square.

If you are going to the parades on Sunday and Tuesday do not forget to apply sunscreen to prevent further damage to the skin. According to the weather report, the temperature of those days will reach 37 degrees.

Do not go thirsty and hungry, Plaza Carnival will have an area of restaurants enabled, in addition, there will be stalls of snacks and snacks.

Join the environmental issue and do not generate more garbage or in any case, place it in the nearest boats.

If you attend with the youngest members of the family, do not lose sight of them and be sure to locate the meeting points for missing persons.

Plaza Carnaval will have modules for your safety and comfort such as medical service units, public restrooms, free Wi-Fi service, among others.

Do not forget to take the photo of the memory and if you post it on your social networks.

Now, you are ready to enjoy the Mérida Carnival.

"El Nuevo Carnaval" is the name of the project for three years, and its slogan is "La fiesta de Mérida". It will be held from February 26 to March 6, 2019.

In addition to new attractions and leisure areas in Plaza Carnaval, the project includes a concert schedule with national and international artists.
In addition to new attractions and leisure areas in Plaza Carnaval, the project includes a concert schedule with national and international artists.

Innovations, improvements to the infrastructure of the route, new attractions and activations at Plaza Carnaval are part of the proposal, which seeks to give life to a new attractive, dynamic and integrating concept.

Between the innovations they emphasize the formats in the election of the kings of the Carnival, by means of contest; and the celebration of three coronation events, as part of the activities prior to "La fiesta de Mérida". The main kings will be crowned first, then the juvenile and infant kings and, finally, the kings of the third age and people with disabilities. A new event called La Gran Vaquería will be integrated to reinforce the Regional Monday, and work will be done so that the parade is a great show in conjunction with the sponsoring brands.

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