Merida, among the cities most sought by travelers from around the world


Mérida is in the sights of tourists from all over the world, as Skyscanner, one of the most used platforms by travelers to plan their vacations, announced that the city registered an increase in search of 40 percent, which places it in the 12th place among the most wanted destinations to visit this year.

Merida, among the cities most sought by travelers from around the world
Merida, among the cities most sought by travelers from around the world
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This site is a multilingual and free global search engine, used by more than 80 million people every month, seeking airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and even travel agencies to complete their reservations. It offers flight options in 30 different languages, among which are Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Spanish and Japanese.

Merida is one of the two cities in Mexico, along with Chetumal, Quintana Roo, which are on the list, which also include Melbourne, Australia; Bogota Colombia; Beijing, China; Dublin, Ireland; Reykjavik, Iceland; Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; Bali, Indonesia; Athens, Greece; Austin, United States, and Cuzco, Peru.

This important page, in addition to facilitating the planning of trips for its users, includes recommendations on the points of interest of each destination and its surroundings, as well as the best time to arrive. From Mérida and Yucatán, it emphasizes the archaeological zones, such as Chichén Itzá and Uxmal, and in the caves of Calcehtok and Izamal.

Undoubtedly, the White City is a reference for travelers who are looking for great experiences, because it facilitates access to different areas and nearby attractions.

Thanks to its great terrestrial connectivity, it is very easy, comfortable and fast to be able to be in one of its beautiful beaches in less than 30 minutes, and enjoy a day among the calm waters of emerald green tones. It is also possible to reach any archaeological complex, such as those of the Puuc Route, where Uxmal is located, or the site of Chichen Itza, only an hour and a half from the capital; both are Cultural Patrimony of the Humanity.

Due to its cultural riches, such as the Yucatan trova, the living history of the Mayans, the jarana, the poetry and the verses of local poets, as well as the color and tranquility of its streets, by which own and others can enjoy a walk In the evening and admire the spectacular facades of the French-style constructions of the Center and Paseo de Montejo, accompanied by a delicious ice cream to mitigate the heat, Mérida has become one of the favorite cities for national and foreign tourists.

Just 40 minutes from it, is Izamal, which is distinguished by its yellow facades, peace on its cobblestone roads, the three Mayan buildings in the heart of the place and an exquisite cuisine; Valladolid, just over an hour from the starting point, houses impressive cenotes of clear water and indescribable beauty on its tracks. These two cities are Magic Towns.

Without a doubt, from any point, Yucatán is a state that has it all. In it, you can find beautiful colonial cities, almost virgin beaches, an exquisite ancestral cuisine full of colors and flavors, and the warmth of its inhabitants, who welcome travelers with open arms.

Yucatan stands out with national and global awards

In the last quarter of 2018 and so far in 2019, the state has received different distinctions, among which is that of Merida as one of "The best cities in Mexico to visit in 2018", Travel & Leisure magazine Mexico , and Valladolid, cataloged by the Travel Lemming site as the Best Emerging Destination of North America 2019.

Recently, according to the National Survey of Public Security (ENSU) and a document from the Strategic Communications Cabinet (GCE), which is called "Most Livable Cities in Mexico", the capital has everything to be named as one of the favorite cities in Mexico. world, thanks to its high levels of security and for being cataloged as one of the most peaceful capitals in the country.

In the culinary arts, the KU'UK restaurants, by Pedro Evia; The Tradition, by David Cetina; Nectar, by Roberto Solís in Mérida, and Kinich, by Doña Miriam Azcorra in Izamal, were chosen to be part of the Guía México Gastronómico 2019, which in its fourth edition, recognized the 120 best venues nationwide.

Last year, for its part, the Ixi'im de Chablé Resort received the award for the "Most beautiful restaurant" of Prix Versailles, and La Tradición won the award as "Best regional cuisine" of the Gourmet Awards Mexico.

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