The casino businessman, James Packer, premiered his new residence on the seashore of Baja California Sur's main tourist resort. Considered one of the richest men in the world, the Australian magnate finished building his own lodging site. It is located in the exclusive area of Palmilla, within the tourist destination.

The mansion, which had a construction cost of 50 million dollars, stands out among other imposing properties located in the same housing area. The enormous one-story platform occupies one of the largest blocks facing the bay of San José del Cabo. It resembles "a maximum security prison" in the middle of Cabo's natural setting.

In 2018, the 54-year-old businessman, bought the building site for $10 million. Since then, he planned to build his beach house in the Southern Californian vacation resort. His expensive extravagance in design and decoration, has raised the curiosity of hundreds of foreign tourists, service providers and local citizens, who admire from afar the private "bunker".

A set of modern, fully equipped rooms make up the mansion. Some of them are joined together, and the rest were installed totally independent for the comfort of the inhabitants or visitors. As if that were not enough, a huge outdoor entertainment patio occupies an entire square area in the center of the house.

Packer unveils mega mansion in Los Cabos.
Packer unveils mega mansion in Los Cabos. Image: Backgrid

It shapes a living space lined with natural grass in the backyard, leading to an infinity pool in a style that is unique in the world. Below the pool, there is a cliff that drops down to the sand surrounding the beach. For the amusement of guests, the mansion features spa, board games, video games, and movie theaters.

Also included is a disco-bar area with a dance floor, a kitchen center with international menus, and a reading room with dozens of books and publications by various authors. James Packer has a substantial fortune valued at 6 billion dollars. He is currently the 15th richest man in Australia.

Aussie tycoon debuts mega mansion in Los Cabos.
Aussie tycoon debuts mega mansion in Los Cabos. Image: Backgrid