In this app, you can get clean clothes a click away and improve the quality of life of hundreds of families. One-click, one location, and a lot of dirty clothes are all you need to avoid traveling through uncomfortable places to find laundry miles from your home, however, came an application for a smartphone that will remove your charges of conscience for days without washing your clothes. It's called LavanderiApp and it's a Mexican application that promises more than washing clothes, because said startup proposes a high social impact and with which they are transforming the laundry service at home in Mexico.

The company's model is based on collaborative economies. In the style of Uber, people looking for a job through washing clothes can register on the platform through the startup's certification, and support women, whom they call LavaPers, who provide the laundry service from their homes. Own houses with their washing machines and irons. These women usually do not have a stable job and have suffered discrimination when seeking their income, or prohibition at home (spouse) to work outside.

Each service in LavanderiApp helps the inclusion of thousands of women in economic activity without them neglecting their family or being absent from home. In addition to the social component, LavanderiApp has an accessible price for users and partners. According to the digital platform, "the prices are up to 50% lower than those of conventional laundries because the members do not have to pay rent from commercial premises or salaries of employees". In the aspect of time, they are detailed up to three times faster than in a conventional laundry.