Authorities in Mazatlan are prepared for the formation of a possible storm or hurricane named Olaf in the coming days. This was announced by the Coordinator of Civil Protection in Mazatlan, Eloy Ruiz Gastelum, who said that they are keeping a watchful eye on this probable cyclonic development and that, if necessary, authorities would be meeting during the weekend.

"Yes we are prepared, we are coordinated with the 3 levels of government, the actions of the Armed Forces and the Mexican Army, the Navy, the National Urban Guard and the Highway Division, all the rescue and relief corps here in the city are ready and prepared to assist the citizens", he mentioned.

The Municipal Civil Protection Coordinator clarified that so far there is no alert for the Mazatlan region. However, he called on citizens to take preventive actions, to remain calm and to be informed. He added that the authorities are already taking the pertinent actions and pointed out that in case it is necessary, an operation similar to the one implemented during the passage of "Nora" would be implemented.

This is what is happening in Mazatlan and Culiacan after hurricane Nora

The passage of Hurricane Nora through Mexican territory this weekend left two dead and severe damage in Jalisco, Nayarit, and Sinaloa. One of the most affected states was Sinaloa, especially Culiacán and Mazatlán, where streets were underwater, with intermittent communication and rivers on the verge of overflowing due to the effects of Hurricane Nora, which was later downgraded to a tropical storm.

On Saturday, Sunday, and early Monday morning there were constant rains that have caused damage to roads, drinking water pumping systems, flooded homes, construction sites, as well as crops that have been destroyed by flooding and rain, loss of livestock, and some landslides.

Throughout the night this Sunday, Public Safety and Civil Protection personnel kept watching for any evacuation of the inhabitants of the Pozole syndicate, as well as the Apoderado and Duranguito police stations, which are also being affected by the flooding of the Baluarte River, which has already entered some homes in these communities, thus affecting the property of these inhabitants.

Authorities have considered declaring an emergency for the most affected municipalities in the state. In Mazatlan, the torrential rains generated by Nora's remnants have caused rivers and streams to overflow in the rural area of Mazatlan, which is why Civil Protection has begun an aid operation.

The waters of the Quelite and Presidio rivers entered homes in the towns of El Quelite, El Quemado, El Recreo, El Recodo, Lomas de Monterrey, La Tuna, San Francisquito, and Barrón, where the evacuation process has already begun. Over the weekend, Mazatlan's airport closed operations this Sunday due to the effects of Nora.

Mazatlan prepares for storm. Image: Wikimedia


Due to the storm caused by hurricane "Nora", 128 shelters have been opened in the state of Sinaloa. It was through an extraordinary session of Civil Protection that they began to organize the points of refuge to evacuate citizens in case it is necessary due to the arrival of "Nora".


Sixto Osuna elementary school in the Sindicatura de Villa Union, Lions Club, Instituto Cultural de Occidente (ICO), UAS Sports Center and Mazatlan Convention Center.

Southern Sinaloa

It is the south of Sinaloa that is on red alert and these are some of the shelters that are available for that area. Rosario: COBAES, Justo Sierra and Club de Leones elementary schools San Ignacio: COBAES 50, José María Morelos and Benito Juárez elementary schools in Coyotitán, and the Ixpalino Ballroom.


On behalf of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa, shelters were also set up in different parts of the state, including the following: North Regional Unit: University Theater and CU Mochis Dome. North Central Regional Unit: Guamúchil High School, Angostura High School, and Guasave Daytime High School. Central Regional Unit: Polideportivo Universitario, Navolato High School, Navolato Language Center, Eldorado High School and La Cruz High School. South Regional Unit: Mazatlan Sports Center and Mazatlan School of Administrative Sciences.