Mazatlan hoteliers prepare for hurricanes


At the beginning of the most active season for the formation of depressions, tropical storms, and mainly hurricanes, in this zone of the Pacific, the hoteliers of Mazatlán prepare themselves to know how to act in the presence of a meteorological phenomenon.

Mazatlan hoteliers prepare for hurricanes. Photo: Wikicomons
Mazatlan hoteliers prepare for hurricanes. Photo: Wikicomons

Every year, before the hurricane season begins on May 15, Civil Protection provides training to all personnel of the lodging establishments so they know how to act. It is important to have all the necessary supplies so that in case of any contingency and there is a shortage, to be able to go ahead without any setback.

One of the things is to have the personnel properly trained, so that at the time of an accident of this type, we are prepared, not to fail people, there are contingency plans, have enough food supply for at least five days, of non-perishable things, that is important.

Although the hurricane season has already begun, in this region, the greatest risk begins at the end of August, and much stronger in September and October. The websites that provide information and have permanent contact with Civil Protection are permanently monitored.

Fortunately, there have been no hurricanes for several years now, and hopefully, this will continue, because right now, with the pandemic, it would be even more complicated for the arrival of tourists.

According to the forecast of tropical cyclones 2020, 15 to 18 cyclones are expected in the Pacific of which 9 are with Iselle; 6 tropical storms, one category 1-2 hurricane, and two categories 3 and 4.