During the early hours of Monday morning, the crocodile that had been spotted early Sunday morning and caused great excitement among tourists and locals who were walking along the Avenida del Mar in Mazatlan was captured.

The report of its capture was made at approximately 02:00 hours where workers from the Mazatlan Aquarium with their special equipment were able to immobilize it and later capture it, to be checked by specialized medical personnel from that institution and to be released into its natural habitat in the area of La Escopama.

There were approximately five elements who were finally able to subdue the reptile that had caused a bit of panic among bathers since the knowledge that it is loose among the waves of the sea in the beach area on Avenida del Mar, being an area preferred mostly by locals, was something that caused alarm among the population.

The captured specimen, which is approximately three meters long and belongs to those known as marine crocodiles, estuarine, or also as porous, whose scientific name is Crocodylys porosus, will now be able to rest in a quieter place away from the population.