A man armed with a knife was being chased by police officers along the international highway in the north of Sinaloa after he allegedly robbed a business and assaulted one of the uniformed officers. According to local police reports, the man, who was wearing shorts, was caught in front of the Central de Autobuses Unidos. The suspect managed to enter while being chased by police officers with a gun in hand. At the entrance to the terminal, the man brandished the knife to ward off the police and even blocked the entrance to the terminal for a few moments.

A man armed with a knife took several passengers hostage at the bus station in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, and injured municipal police officers.

According to local media, the policemen threw objects at him to try to stun him; however, the man got on a bus en route to Culiacan and threatened the driver, and forced him to start the bus and move forward to the north exit of Mazatlan. More police joined the chase and minutes after leaving the terminal, the bus was intercepted, where the suspect was taken off and the driver was released.