Edenred and MasterCard test first biometric card in Mexico


Mastercard and Edenred, technology developers for payment systems, announced the launch of a card test with biometric technology, that is, a fingerprint sensor integrated as an additional measure to verify the identity of the cardholder.

Mastercard Biometric Card. Image: courtesy of MasterCard
Mastercard Biometric Card. Image: courtesy of MasterCard

Mastercard explained that it works as soon as the cardholder registers an image of his fingerprint in the plastic when registering with the bank, with this, it becomes an encrypted template that is stored inside the card.

When a transaction is made, the biometric card works like any other that has a chip, inserting it into the terminal, while placing the finger on the integrated sensor, in this way, the fingerprint is verified against the template.

"If the biometric data coincide, the transaction is approved, and the card never leaves the consumer's hand and the data is never shared with the merchant or the issuer," explained Jorge Noguera, president of Mexico and Central America of Mastercard.

It can also be included in any credit, debit or prepaid MasterCard card in Mexico, and is the first for the Latin America and the Caribbean region. With the aim of demonstrating the potential benefit of this technology for the dispersion of social benefits in the country.

The test is carried out in the state of Sonora with the support of the Development Secretariat of the entity and will be used in the cards for the dispersion of social programs. The card works with existing EMV card terminals worldwide, which helps merchants improve the shopping experience for customers without the need for new hardware or software upgrades.

"We are very pleased to be pioneers in this biometric technology with Mastercard in Mexico, this test provides significant opportunities in security and identity testing for the user with the unique form of identification, the fingerprint. This technology will reduce the use of payments in cash, it will improve the user experience and help with the allocation of funds, especially within social programs, "said Andrea Keller, director of Edenred Mexico.

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