Marvel and The Avengers in the world of electronic sports in the Americas

Marvel Entertainment and the Team Liquid professional team have signed a commercial agreement to boost the development of electronic sports.

Marvel and The Avengers in the world of electronic sports in the Americas
"The Avengers" on eSports. Image: Pixabay

The growing competitive video game industry adds a new brand to its ranks: Marvel. The North American entertainment company signed a commercial and strategic agreement with Team Liquid, a League of Legends professional team, to promote the development of eSports on American soil.

Also, the deal between both parties for now only ensures merchandising of The Avengers for the members of Team Liquid, winners of the League of Legends Championship Series 2019.

Here is the confirmation of the agreement between Team Liquid and Marvel:

On the one hand, Marvel says that in the future there will be more news related to the company with the world of electronic sports. The agreement between the company that owns the Los Vengadores franchise and Team Liquid will have a duration of one year.

For Team Liquid's director of operations, Mike Milanov, from the moment he was introduced to Marvel executives he realized that both companies shared "creative energy".

In Team Liquid "we are all big fans of Marvel, so we were intrigued by the possibilities of how a union between our two brands could be," says Milanov for an interview with Forbes.

For now, the special t-shirts that Team Liquid guys will wear at certain special events have already been shown. They feature designs by Iron Man, Captain America, or the quantum suits from the film Avengers: Endgame.

Daniel Estrada, creative director of Team Liquid, commented in the same interview with Forbes that "the objective of this association is to go beyond putting a logo on something, it is a creative collaboration between the two teams.

It should be noted that it is not Marvel's first participation in League of Legends, as the American company has been making comics based on certain 'heroes' of Riot Games' popular MOBA.


Team Liquid is an eSports organization that has a presence in sports such as Dota 2 or League of Legends.